How to Fight the Signs of Aging

Everyone wants to look their best and if you find yourself worrying over forehead wrinkles, laugh lines and age spots, then read on.


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    Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent dry skin and keep your skin glowing.
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    Use sun protection when in the sun, always use sunscreen and reapply if you're swimming. The sun is good for you but not when it is hot, depending where you live and your climate, a sunscreen of SPF 30 is high and will work well.
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    Take care of your teeth. No one has a perfect smile with straight pearly whites but brush at least twice a day and avoid drinking too much sugary drinks that can cause your teeth to get decay.
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    Always remove make up, cleanse and moisturize. Do not over wash your face either or you risk drying it out. Different people have different skin types so try to find a routine that fits you. Washing with a mild cleanser and a light moisturizer usually works well for everyone.
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    Your hands show your age too! Use hand cream to keep them soft and avoid the sun.
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    Don't use tanning beds or try tanning in the sun, it's not healthy and can cause skin cancer. It also ages your skin extremely and leaves it looking like leather. Stick to your natural skin shade and use sunscreen when needed.
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    Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains, especially oats. Try to avoid junk food, but think you can't have treats? Don't make your diet bland; so, swap the chocolate bar for some chocolate milk. Have some lightly salted nuts instead of chips. A piece of fruit can help sugar cravings, especially if it is ripe and juicy: mangoes, strawberries, plums, peaches, or melon.
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    Intensify the colors of foods you choose: dark and bright ones -- for carotenoids, fiber, flavonoids. Choose fruits and vegetables that have deep, intense colors:[1]
    • Yellow, orange, green, blue, black and red hues: eat papayas, mangoes, peaches, pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, squash; yellow, green and red peppers; tomatoes (raw green tomatoes are poison), cantaloupe, apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, dark green leafy vegetables, seaweed (including brown seaweed called ecklonia cava).
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    Cut-out white foods.[1]
    • Stop using white foods: sugar, all white flour products, including "enriched" bread (it lacks all the vital bran and wheat germ),
    • Avoid white rice (it's best part is polished/milled off), white potatoes; so, instead, eat whole-grains (including brown rice) and multigrain-buns/-bread, "buckwheat" pancakes, add a little bran and wheat germ, if you like, and eat sweet potatoes, yams and steamed vegetables, such as carrots (cook only until they taste sweeter!).


  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to avoid skin damage from the sun.
  • Use good moisturizing lotion or cream, especially needed, if you have dry skin. Winter is drying to skin, but warmer weather can help.
  • Don't fuss too much about aging, we go through it and no one will look 25 when they're 40+
  • Clean your skin daily (gently).
  • Love yourself and take care of yourself because you love the one body you have!
    • Expand horizons -- and extend some care to the less able, in a similar manner, as you love and care about yourself.
  • Eat Mediterranean style: many mushrooms, onions, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, spices, avocados, fish, vegetables, lean meats, hard cheese, and complex carbohydrates.


  • You cannot undo sunburn damage, except with skin-grafts!
  • Don't bake in the sun: Spend less time outdoors!

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