How to Fight Insecurity

Fighting insecurity is not as concerned to 'fighting' as it is to realizing,accepting and reworking on our thought-model.With our basic desire for being happy, its possible for us to check our inside corrosion.


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    Have a neutral( not judging) look at your past and try to find out what contributed in making you feel inferior and insecure around others. Sometimes, it is like :"My peers used to laugh at me/my...." or " I could not be as witty as them when..." . The more deep we analyze roots of our insecurity the more clear and less scary it gets.As it is said in the movie Batman Begins " We fear what we don't understand".
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    Now, accept that you have really been through times which robbed you of your cheerfulness and free-flow. And tell yourself that you are not going to let yourself feel insecure anymore.
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    Tell yourself that you don't have to justify your existence to anybody. Stop pleasing others consciously or unconsciously.
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    Now, start building your thought-structure again.See the 'Tips' section below to take care of some thoughts.
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    Inculcate some good habits and try to do one good thing daily when nobody is watching you.It heals your soul.
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    Think/Wish well for others because when we think good we unconsciously become an expert in seeing good everywhere. And Vice versa.
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    Do what you like and mean it. It tells your mind that you are proud of what you do and it brings life to your work.
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    Tell yourself that life is not a test where you get maximum credits for having/being :Best job,Best spouse,Best leader or Best style. Life is about how easy it is for you to fall asleep after going to bed at the end of the day.
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    The more you learn what life really means the more you unlearn what haunts you for no good reason.
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    Feel good for yourself and if you don't then do things that make you feel so. Recognize that cheerfulness,confidence,happiness(not pleasure),character and optimism live in the same house (or mind, for that matter).
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    A bird does not care about how weak the tree branch is because it knows how to fly.Just like that we should continue to better ourselves by learning interesting/uninteresting things.'Knowing stuff' increases our self-esteem.
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    Be humble.


  • Don't compare yourself with others.
  • Its unlearning the wrong beliefs that dissolves insecurity.
  • Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. Good things are sure to come. Anythings possible.
  • Give space to admire beauty and effort. Remember 'High winds blow on the high mountains'.
  • If we finally complete something then it reduces the guilt for not choosing the best way.


  • Never forget the lessons you have learned and employ them in improving your thought-structure.
  • If you have power then don't abuse it, as you may end up making others and yourself more insecure.

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