How to Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui is teaching how to establish balance and harmony in your life. Today's fast and stressful life is very demanding and creates lots of extremes. This unbalance is very dangerous for your life, your health and longevity. When you Feng Shui your life, you become more healthy, your life is longer and you create better wealth for you and your family.


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    Know who you are. "Know Thyself" is very old wisdom, not coming only from old China, but also from Ancient Greece. Step Number One is always the same: know yourself. If you do not know yourself you do not know how to balance your life.
    • Each person has certain potential and talents. You must know them. Because your life way is using only your strengths - talents. Everything else in your life must be in balance with your talents. That is the must for happy life.
    • As soon as you know yourself, your talents, your life journey will show up. You will know what is your life mission. You mission is given by using your talents. If your talent is painting, your mission could be: giving joy with nice paintings.
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    Be familiar with your vision. Every mission must have its goal - vision. Your vision must be in harmony with your mission. If your mission is giving joy with nice paintings, your goal might be: the most famous painter of joyful paintings
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    Don't do it alone. You cannot be alone on your life journey. Human beings are not born to be alone. Therefore you must select the right partner for your journey. You and your life partner must have the same journey and the same vision. Then your partnership will be in harmony for all your life and your partnership will be happy. Therefore be sure you and your partner have the same journey and vision.
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    Keep your family unit strong. Another very important harmony is within your family. Your family is very strong and important base for your success. Therefore make sure you have nice and pleasant relationship with all your family members, especially with your parents and kids.
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    Define your wealth. Wealth is another important part of happy life. You must define your wealth: what it is - is it money in your bank, is it nice house, is it boat, is it collection of paintings, is it nice little garden? You must clearly define it. But be careful. Your wealth must be in harmony with your journey and your life vision.
    • Also it must be something realistic, something you can really achieve. If you choose something you do not have enough energy for, it will destroy you. So select your wealth clearly and carefully.
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    Use helping friends. Life journey is not struggle. It must be joy and happiness. And as you do not have talents for everything, you must delegate. You must have people around you to help you with things you do not have talent for. Because if you something you do not have talent for, you waste your energy. Then your health gets worse and you make your life shorter.
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    Be sure, you know your next steps. Nest steps are your future. All your next steps must help you go forward on your life journey and towards to your vision. If your next steps are not moving you ahead, then you do not need them. Therefore all new things, people and activities must be in harmony with your journey and your vision.
    • Remember, you must take care of all new things. E.g. you buy a new dog. You must take care of it. Taking care uses your energy. So make sure, your dog gives the energy back to you. And this energy comes with joy.
    • When you enjoy being with your dog, you get energy from it. If not, you waste it. So everything new you bring to your life must be joy for you and in balance with your journey and vision.
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    Remember that Home is very important source of energy. It has the same energy as your body. Therefore the quality of your home influences quality of your body, your health. Therefore make sure your home is in harmony not only with you, but again with your journey and vision.
    • If your home is in harmony, it gives you lots of energy and support. Do not forget: you spend min 8 hours a day at home (just because you sleep there). But most people do not just sleep at home, they eat there, spend time with family, watch TV etc.
      • So it may very well be, you spend half of your life at home. So imagine how big influence it has. Make sure your home Feng Shui is right and correct.


  • Use your phoenix. Phoenix is nice tool that helps you concentrate on your vision. Create a picture of your vision (if it is beach house, print it out, put it on board) and place it on the wall in front of your bed, in front of your sofa and in front of your working desk. That means, have in the place you look at most of your time. You can also have it as your notebook and smart form display.


  • Be careful when applying new things and changes in your life. People generally are afraid of changes. Therefore it is very important you go step by step.
  • Remember, everything has its right time. So do right things at right time and right place.
  • Do not make big changes in very short time. Use your time, relax. Apply one change and see how you feel. When you make sure the change is good for you, go for another one.

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