How to Fend off Fatigue

You can be tired all of the time and not have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. [1] More than likely, it is due to your lifestyle. Here are some changes you can make, to make a difference in how you feel.


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    Get some sleep. Not getting enough sleep and regular sleep can make a huge difference. If you have trouble sleeping, try taking melatonin, a substance naturally created by your pineal gland (in the brain.)It regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature. In patient studies it has helped people restore circadian rhythm, and get back into normal sleep patterns.
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    Avoid certain unhealthy substances. Things like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. These knock your system out of whack and make it more difficult to get on a regular sleep cycle. Certain depressants like alcohol, and stimulants like caffeine contain materials that alter chemical receptors in your brain, which changes your body's "internal clock." Studies have shown that habitually using these substances alter your eating and sleeping patterns, which in turn make you feel more tired at odd hours of the day.
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    Improve your diet. Be more aware of what you are eating and do what you can to eat healthy foods. The more, the better. Also consider vitamins. Replenishing vitamins you don't get in your diet normally will give you quite a burst of energy. Taking antioxidants is a good way of removing free-radicals in your body, which are high-energy particles that ricochet wildly and damage cells. Taking fish oil tablets is another good supplement to fend off fatigue, because it is high in Omega-3-fatty-acids, which stimulates blood circulation and reduces blood pressure, which will allow your body to rest easier when sleeping.
    • Also consider using a colon cleanser. Studies have shown doing this once a year for a middle aged person, or twice a year for an elderly person greatly improves how your body absorbs nutrients from food, and will also help combat feelings of fatigue.
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    Drink water. In many ways, water is more important than food. You can survive longer without food than water. Since we are made mostly of water, increasing how much water you drink cleanses your blood and GI tract, removing impurities lingering in your system.
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    Manage your stress. Stress affects your metabolism and your ability to sleep. Yoga, stretching, and heavy breathing are all good ways to control your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relax the rest of your body. Doing this before bed usually produces more fulfilling and restful sleep, which will help you to wake more refreshed and less drowsy.
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    Exercise. Your health will always improve with proper exercise. You will have more energy and feel better, all the way around.
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    Deal with your emotional health. If you are depressed, see someone. If that isn't feasible, talk to a friend. There are also free, anonymous phone lines you can call for advice, or to talk to people if the depression is severe.
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    Go to your doctor and review your prescriptions. Maybe the level of medication you are receiving is no longer what you need.
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    Keep a journal. This will help you track when you are tired. That could be indicative of something.

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