How to Feel More Wanted and Glorified

Being a teenager, or maybe even an adult can be hard sometimes. It's particularly hard if you feel no body wants you and that you are not glorified. This article explains what to do to feel more wanted, needed and glorified. Do these steps whenever you feel that you are not wanted, they work for everyone, in any circumstances.


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    Develop your self esteem. When someone tells you that you are worthless and nothing special, don't listen to them. It's only jealousy and it's bitterness caused by a person whom is also feeling less needed, glorified or unwanted themselves. Take heed in what you know and how you feel. Either it's a sad feeling, a depressed feeling or fury. Try to get along with the person who is trying to bring you down. Talk to them and try to do something nice for them.
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    Get a therapist. A therapist or a communicator is the best way to cope with feelings of not feeling wanted or glorified. Either you tell him/her that you are feeling unwanted or unneeded by family members or your boyfriend husband or spouse, then you'll feel a whole lot better after talking with someone who understands you. Sometimes parents and family just don't understand you as much as someone else would. You should love yourself, and know what you want. You know yourself and you know what you want for you!
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    Know that there are usually reasons that people are mean. Some people who are mean to you, are just angry people who have been hurt. Well here's something on how to deal with it. Find something that makes you feel better, such as, sewing, sport, cooking, or anything that makes you feel needed. You should talk more with people so they can try to understand you and so they can know how you feel. For example: hiding out in your room until you can talk with someone your own age or an adult that knows all the answers to your problems.
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    Remember that everyone feels a little depression at aren't alone. If you are having trouble fighting off depression or if you are just feeling a little lonely then it is normal to get down on yourself. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad or down but you must conquer it with your own spirit and power that is inside you. Try to go out more with friends or either alone.


  • Depression can lead you to having suicidal thoughts or the thoughts of cutting or hurting yourself. You may need to see a doctor about it and see what he or she says about your mood swings. Talking to family member, like a brother, sister, mother or father can also help you with your stress or depression. Tell them that you just want more attention and that you feel lonely and you just want to be loved and wanted too. if they don't understand go see a therapist. It's the only way, to cope with stress and depression. It can also cause thyroid gland problems too or cancer, many flaws can go wrong with your body so you'll need to see someone who is a professional. This will help you learn how to deal with everything you are feeling. Thoughts of death is normal, hearing voices that you've never heard is unnatural but also abnormal. It is more special to read the Bible or something encouraging.

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