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Glamour may seem unattainable, but individuality and a look in the right direction are all it takes to be glamorous. We all have the potential, and you are a diamond in the rough just waiting for her place in Tiffany's. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way.


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    Find Your Muses. Aspiring for the general idea of glamour is well and good, but putting a face to the concept will give you a visual to aim for. Find someone worthy of the glamorous description to inspire you. Keep in mind, going for someone else's idea of glamor will only result in a contrived and invalid version of yourself. What is glamorous to YOU? Finding a glamour icon suited to your tastes will ensure that you embody glamour with genuine grace and comfort. You can't reach for the stars if you don't know your astrology, after all.
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    Don't Insult Yourself. We all have flaws, but the truly glamorous don't let the world know it. This doesn't necessarily mean being bulletproof confident or being in denial. Just don't insult yourself. There's a whole world out there ready to bash who you are; give yourself a break and don't do it to yourself.
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    Learn to Bask in Negativity. This goes hand in hand with not insulting yourself. There is always going to be someone who doesn't like who you are no matter how you choose to present yourself. The glamorous thrive in negativity; learn to see any publicity as good publicity. If someone is going to put their energy into hating you, you're obviously worthy of their time.
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    Take Care of Yourself. Beauty comes with the territory. We are all beautiful in our own way, but that doesn't mean you can't improve yourself. Your face is especially important; wash your face, shave your legs regularly, use lotion, shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted imperfections to the best of your ability, do whatever it takes. You were meant to be beautiful, so don't stand in your own way. Take care of your beauty needs.
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    Hair. What usually defines a person of glamour is their hair. Hair color is particularly important. Make sure it is a solid, defined color; no crazy streaks or avant-garde coloring ideas. Try to find a flattering shade. The extreme colors are most glamorous (platinum blonde, raven black, daring red) but any variation that goes best with your features is a must. Keep your hair in good condition. Take pride in your hair and splurge on it a bit, anything to keep it as luxurious as you can. Also make sure your hair is in a style you find beautiful and is beautiful on you.
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    Stay Timeless yet Trendy. Look to the past for style. A touch of something classic will ensure your glamour. Try the little black dress or pearls; something to add an old Hollywood flair to your attire. You don't need to go all out pin-up girl or flapper, but a little pop of those familiar fashions will add visual interest and it speaks volumes of your style. You should also stay on top of the latest trends. Do not follow them to the letter; that is mindless and not very exotic. Take a few notes however so you don't look completely out of place.
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    Makeup. Accentuate your best features, but keep it simple. Your makeup should be classy and elegant with a slight sense of something offbeat. This is a good chance to show your individuality. That doesn't mean bombarding someone with what makes you tick. Just a hint. Glamour is about subtlety. This usually entails one bold move; red lips or dramatic eye shadow for example, but never both at once. Stick with bedroom eyes or cat's eyes as a sure bet.
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    Individuality. Be an original. Personality is ultimately what makes one glamorous. Marilyn Monroe was pretty, but what caught you was her charm. Do not follow the crowd; if you're strange be strange. Rarity equates to being unforgettable, which is what our glamour icons are. Take comfort in who you are and it will take you places; do not however tell everyone your life story. Mystery creates intrigue. It is never polite to talk about yourself unless asked so do not assume everyone wants to pick your brain. Make someone wonder about you; give them a reason to keep coming back. Showing all your cards only makes for a loss in interest. The glamorous are interesting because there's always something new to learn about them.
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    Elegance. Being unemotional isn't healthy, but there is a time and a place. It is usually more appropriate to be calm and even-mannered. Carry yourself with elegance; best manners, best attire, best behavior. Practice etiquette and learn the art of conversation. This doesn't mean you have to be agreeable; you can tell someone to shove it with perfectly polite words. Just make sure you are constantly making good first impressions; treat everyday as a reason to be your best. Assume someone is outside ready to interview you and take your picture.
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    Be Cultured. Learn about the world around you; it will show your intelligence and it will make you well rounded. Having a knowledge of culture will ensure you find respect and admiration no matter where you travel. A true glamorous person is always willing and trying to learn. Particular areas of interest to know are foreign languages, arts, current events, and literature.
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    Smile. Smiling shows everyone that you love being you. It makes others think that there's something to the way you live. A smile exudes an inner happiness that others will envy.


  • Take a moment during the day to touch-up. Glamour is something that needs maintenance and upkeep. Make sure you still look as good as you did when you started the day.
  • Be open to new experiences; a glamorous person is open minded. This will increase your fan base and, worst case scenario, you'll discover a new interest to add to your arsenal.
  • Find a signature scent; smells can make or break you. Glamorous people are masters of coercion and know the importance of pheromones and the olfactory factor. A good smell for the wind to radiate in your wake leaves dropped jaws and an aura that others will want more of.
  • Stay busy; idle hands are the devil's workshop. A glamorous person knows how to manage their time and get something out of it. It also makes others perceive you as put together and in control.
  • Don't be pretentious, rude, or self-absorbed; again, not everyone is going to like you, but don't intentionally give them a reason to hate you. Play nice with everyone unless circumstances say otherwise. You can't enjoy the admiring gazes of others if no one likes you.
  • Improve yourself, don't change yourself.
  • Take a night off to be normal and relaxed; being glamorous is a full time job. Like with a diet, you won't want to keep doing it unless you break away from the routine occasionally. Sundays are a good day to just stay home and be as average and sloppy as you wish.
  • Heels. End of story. Pain is beauty, and if you're doing it right it's going to hurt. Suck it up ladies and rock your high-heeled shoes all day, everyday unless the situation demands otherwise.
  • Stay in shape; fat can be beautiful, but it isn't glamorous.
  • Fake nails are not classy or glamorous. Grow your nails out naturally; pointed tips are more put together looking than flat tips.
  • Always own what you own; fake is a no-no. No colored contacts, no extensions, no fake designer items. You want to appear to be glamorous just being you, not something else.
  • Plastic surgery isn't necessarily bad; keep in mind you can't change everything about yourself without losing yourself. Try to limit your surgical ventures to one imperfection. No massive overhauls.


  • Stay grounded; know who your real friends are. If you find yourself suddenly glamorous, do not forget the ones who loved you when you were less than such.

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