How to Feel Like an Equal

Sometimes in life we meet people or know people who seem very intimidating to us. Either they have some ability or are esteemed in some way which can often make us feel lacking or even inferior by comparison. Couple that with those moments when we are not at our best. Often this can lead us to either doubt our own self worth or cause us to feel unworthy. This article will help bring perspective so that you can regain your own sense of equality.


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    Focus on the positive things about you. Ever wonder how advertisers make products look so appealing to so many? It's because they focus so much positive attention on the product they want you to like that it changes your perception. Companies spend billions of dollars hiring agencies to find the best attributes of their product. High profile people hire the best PR agents to play up their ability. Fortunately you can do the same for yourself without spending a dime.
    • Just begin by focusing on the positive things about you. Make lists what you like about yourself, what you are good at, what you like most in life, or anything you value most about yourself.
    • Give more of your personal attention to those qualities as if you are your own advertising agency and your own audience. Now remember that you can also damage your own self perception by focusing negative attention on yourself. Also focusing negatively on another person will not ultimately help you. It is not recommended that you do that.
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    Take into account that nobody is ever 100% perfect anyway. Those who excel in one area may be lacking in other areas where you shine brightly. Perhaps a person may be a math genius but has terrible social skills. Perhaps a person has a billion dollars but is always terrified of public speaking. That's not to make anyone look better or worse but to understand that no matter what we accomplish in life there is always room for improvement.
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    Remember that all situations in life are temporary. Perhaps today you may feel inferior to someone because of setbacks, but who knows what can happen tomorrow. Maybe by twist of fortune or shear perseverance you will eventually rise above where you are. Just keep in mind however that nothing lasts forever. So rather then focus on who is doing better then who, focus on enjoying the moment.
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    Keep improving yourself. Instead of expecting yourself to accomplish great things at once, focus instead gradual improvements in yourself on a regular basis. Not only is seeing yourself improving satisfying but other people will actually notice your accomplishments. Most likely they may even think it comes so easy to you.
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    Consider being inspired by those who might otherwise intimidate you. Let their accomplishments light the way for you. Realize they probably made lots of mistakes to get where they are and probably themselves felt inferior at some point along the way, Try to learn from their successes and failures.
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    Avoid putting others on a pedestal. Consider the possibility that the person you think is above you might actually prefer to think of you as a friend or equal instead.
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    Carry and present yourself well. Maybe this is shallow but it's worth noting. How you carry yourself will not only effect the way you are perceived but also the way you perceive yourself. Human beings are strongly visual so appearances really do have an effect on us. You may as well use this to your advantage.
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    Try to see the world from others' point of view. This can really help in getting a full picture of the implications as you compare yourself to them. Maybe they have a responsibility to a lot of people. Maybe they receive challenges or attacks on them frequently because of their position. Sometimes seemingly privileged positions come at a price.


  • People who appear powerful are often good at glossing over their weaknesses and playing up their strengths. Anyone can do that, and so can you.
  • Remember that everyone needs help on the way up.
  • Our improvement never ends so enjoy life right now.


  • Try not to take yourself so seriously.

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