How to Feel Confident if You Have Vitiligo

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Vitiligo or leukoderma is a prolonged skin disorder that causes loss of skin color, subsequently in irregular whitish blotches of the skin. It happens when the melanocytes, cells responsible for skin coloration, give out or are impotent to perform pigmentation. The exact cause of vitiligo is very complicated and not entirely understood. There is some credible confirmation that implies that vitiligo is caused by a mixture of auto-immune, hereditary, and ecological factors. The population occurrence is universal is measured to be amid 1% and 2%. When people get this kind of disease, they feel inferior and repulsive about having pale skin and being scoffed at. It makes them just want to die or just go to sleep after crying. But if you are one who has vitiligo and want to be confident again as you were, this article will help.

Method 1
Ways to Increase Confidence Mentally

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    Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Look yourself in a mirror and tell, to yourself, that you are a beautiful person. In order to feel confident, you have to believe that you are a beautiful and virtuous person. Go beyond the white patches and go inside of yourself that truly glows a luminous light of splendor.
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    Write. Writing can let anyone's inner emotions out, whether joviality, lividness, insecurities, forlornness, etc. Write a novel, autobiography, poem, your own lyrics of a song you want to write, how you feel and what you want to do. Let all of your inner emotions out of you. Don't just have them all bottled up, as it would get bigger and bigger.
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    Clean. Cleaning will take your mind of your vitiligo and your insecurities. Clean the bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement and even your own room. Then look at it when you're done and you'll feel accomplished for it, like a goal you were trying to reach.
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    Read a book. I would recommend that you read a book about people who are outcasts and who are different from others, such as: Speak; Bastard out of Carolina; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Oliver Twist; Robinson Crusoe. These are award-winning books that will show that no matter what or who you are, you will make it out there.

Method 2
Ways to Increase Confidence Physically

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    Go out and socialize with people. You have to get out there in the world and show what you got. This will increase your stamina of the mind and your social interactions. Chat with your friends at the coffee shop, dance at the local and popular club, go eat at an elaborate restaurant, etc. Do what you think is cool.

Method 3
For Women and Girls

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    Go shopping for new attire at the mall and when you find an article of clothing that you like, try it on. Model yourself in the mirror of the stores try-on section and look at how beautiful you are and good you look in the articles of clothing. Hot clothes will make any woman/girl feel attractive on the inside and out.
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    Wear some makeup. Go to stores like Bobbi Brown Cosmetics; Nordstrom; M*A*C Cosmetics; Neutrogena. These are some great cosmetics brands/stores that will beautify your face. Apply two swipes of peach, pink, a golden bronze and yellow rouge to your cheekbones, some mascara and a dark shade of red and pink. These colors are so well for pale complexions.
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    Take a day off and go get yourself prettied up. Go to a health spa and get treated like a queen; go to a nail department and get a mani-pedi; go to a hair stylist and have your hair done. Getting prettied up will make you feel like you are a celebrity and all people will be at service for you and you only.
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    If you have a boyfriend/fiancé;hubby, for those intimate moments of pleasure and lust, dress in some amatory lingerie, but only for special occasions, like Christmas Night or Halloween. For example, for Christmas, wear a crisp white teddy with long sleeved gloves for a virtuous kind of aura and for Halloween, wear a dark petticoat of black, purple or bottle green for a look of darkness. This will indicate that you still got what it takes to be sexy.

Method 4
For Men and Boys

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    Hang out with your pals. Watch the football/soccer or whatever sport on the television or go to a game with them; go out to local parties and mingle with the women, even flirt a little with the women. Show people that you are the sweet, amiable, intellectual and daring person that you still are.
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    If you have a wife/fiancée/girlfriend, surprise her with thoughtful, unexpected gifts. Don't go all out, but just give her a gift she won't expect. For instance, for Valentine's Day, give her a poem about how much you hold dear for her and you would want to love her forever. Show her you are still the same person despite you vitiligo.
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    Dress fancy. Not tuxedo fancy, just some nice well-dressed clothing from Urban Body; LoveToKnow Mens; Macy's; Banana Republic; Alexis Clothing have great mens clothes that are both trim and nonchalant. Go check it out and find some clothes that fit your style.


  • Just remember that you are an amazing person that has a lot to offer in life itself and is so full of aptitudes that you are given this vitiligo by God to show people that no matter what you look like on the outside, your gifts will never be gone.
  • If you're feeling insecure, read about it. Look up some books on insecurity on Google and check them out.
  • Look at famous people who have vitiligo such as: Michael Jackson; Doc Hammer; Joe Rogan and Hollie Mary Combs. You see them in magazines, television, movies, clubs and they are not in their homes, crying why did this happen to them. They are out in public, facing the people and showing that they're made of and that's what you should do.
  • If people make fun of you, pay absolutely no attention of them whatsoever. People make fun of other people who are different it is because they are apprehensive, obtuse and envious people who are low of themselves for being so ordinary. They are just jealous of you because they look past the whiteness and see the light inside of you that burns so brightly, that they feel insecure and try to bring you down. Don't let them. Just walk away or pretend that they are nothing.
  • Imagine you are not alone but millions of population of the world is with you in this skin condition.


  • Make sure you wear an umbrella and have all of your skin covered when you are outside in sunny, warm weather. Your skin is quite sensitive with vitiligo.

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