How to Feed Pet Ants

Keeping pet ants healthy, whether they are in an ant farm or just in your backyard, can be quite the chore. Figuring out what they eat, even how they eat, is crucial to keeping the colony alive and well. This article was designed to help you with that.


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    Consider what to feed them. Ants will eat a variety of foods, such as meats, fruits, even dairy. Leftovers from your meals will also suffice. Anything to keep your ants healthy is a great choice.
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    Find out what you have on hand. It's great to feed your ants fresh food, but you wouldn't want to feed them the most expensive food in your house, right? Keep to a budget. You can feed them whatever you want, but it's up to you to keep the costs low.
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    Gather it all together. Shuffle fruits and veggies together to make a small salad, or even mince meat into small bits so that your ants can carry it into their home easily. Keep the food away from chemicals that can harm your ants, such as pesticides.
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    Feed your ants. Slowly scrape the fruits, veggies, or meat beside or into the ant's nest to alert the ants of a possible food source being available. Watch as the workers come crawling out of the nest one by one to drag the food back into their home and to their queen.


  • Feeding them rotten foods is okay as well.
  • Giving them small bits is great, as they will be able to safely carry it back into their nest.


  • Don't leave the food around other pets or pesticides, as these can kill your ants.
  • Be careful when using meats or rotten foods, as these can possibly attract wild animals that also eat ants.

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