How to Feed Eggshells to Chickens

Eggshells are a great supplement to feed your chickens. They're a source of calcium which is always good to supplement to your hens. The calcium creates good eggs if your chickens eat it.


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    Collect any eggshells you have. Don't waste your eggs to get the shells. Collect the egg shells after your done using the eggs up such as when you crack the egg to cook it. Rinse and then keep the shells in a small container.
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    Spread the egg shells on a tray. Pre-crush them a bit and then spread them on a tray with baking paper if you wish. The egg shells should be prepared to go in the oven.
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    Cook the egg shells. Once you collect the egg shells you may notice some yolk or whites leftover. If fed straight to your hens they may start to eat their own eggs after they've laid them due to the leftover yolks and whites stuck to the egg shells. Because of this you'll want to cook the shells.
    • You can also microwave the shells for up to a minute or more for a quicker method. Chuck them on a plate or bowl and then heat them up.
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    Crush the egg shells. Once baked, the egg shells tend to be easier to crush. You can decide on whether you want to crush the egg shells with a rolling pin or grinder of some sort or you can blend them up in a food processor to make a fine powder.
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    Serve the shells to the hens. You can provide them separately or mix them with their feed. If you're providing them separately avoid chucking them on the floor. Instead place the egg shells in a small bowl for the hens to eat from as they please. The hens won't eat the shells like their usual feed, they'll eat them if they're in need of calcium.


  • Your chickens may or may not prefer to eat the egg shells. No worries, an alternative is to feed them crushed oyster shells. Oyster shells is another great source of calcium.

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