How to Feed Chickens on a Budget

Four Methods:Finding Bargain FeedGrainScrapsAllow Foraging

Chickens are a great source of meat and eggs, but you might not have lots of money to feed them. Fortunately, this isn't too much of a problem, since chickens will eat mostly anything that you give them. This article will tell you how to feed them on a budget.

Method 1
Finding Bargain Feed

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    Buy "chicken layer pellets" if you have laying hens or food that is designed for meat chickens. This shouldn't cost more than $15 (US) for a bag. You can get it at any animal store that sells farm animals and pet supplies like Agway or Tractor Supply.

Method 2

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    Feed the chickens no-frills grain. Grain will give them the nutrients that they need to help them grow and make their eggs strong.

Method 3

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    Add scraps to their diet. Scraps will reduce the need for special pellets or grain. Combining scraps and grain can reduce costs considerably. While you are giving them pellets and/or grain, also feed the chickens any leftover scraps from your household. Suitable scraps include: green veggies, corn and carrots, tops and all. They can also have a little bit of bread but not too much.
    • Do not give chickens meat.
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    Use short grass clippings. Only use clippings from pesticide-free lawn and add as part of the scraps allowance.

Method 4
Allow Foraging

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    Let your chickens forage, also known as free-ranging. They will find a lot of food in the garden, yard or field to keep them healthy and happily nourished. You won't need to feed as much when they're finding nature's supplies too.


  • Check that the feeder isn't faulty if you think the chickens are eating too much each month and it's not your doing.
  • Keep a small flock; that way you don't have to buy a lot of chicken feed.
  • Organic feed is quite expensive; consider substituting with conventional and add more scraps.
  • Don't overfeed your chickens––they'll eat it if you give it!


  • Do not feed chickens meat.

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