How to Feed Cats Table Scraps

Some foods aren't good for cats, especially table scraps, but other foods like chicken may be eaten by cats. Some people might feed their cat anything bad, which can make your cat very sick, or even get a disease. Read this article to know how to feed your cat table scraps.


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    Know what foods are dangerous for cats to eat. Foods that can make your cat sick or die are:
    • Grapes
    • Chocolate
    • Onions
    • Garlic
    • Rotten food
    • Raw dough
    • Fish
    • Spices
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    Find out foods cats are able to eat. Cats can eat chicken.
    • When feeding cats foods that are not meat, make sure you don't give them too much of it. It is still okay that they eat a little of the food.
    • You may feed your cat chicken or meat, but make sure you don't feed them this too much, or there are any other foods on it (such as pieces of onions). Feed them chicken that is not spicy and doesn't have any lemon or powder on it.
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    Make sure the food is healthy. For example, if you were going to feed your cat a piece of chicken, look at the nutrition facts on another pack of the same chicken. If it is not healthy, you may not want to feed it to your cat.
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    Take a small amount of the food and get a plate.
    • Make sure you get a plate you don't use and won't use again. Otherwise, your cat will be licking/eating from the plate, and you may get sick if you eat from it after.
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    Make sure there aren't any bugs, ants, etc., in the food, or your cat may end up eating them. If there are any of these on the table scraps, do not feed them to your cat.
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    Put the food on the plate and set it down on the floor.
    • Make sure you put a small piece of the food for the cat. Don't give you cat large chucks of the table scraps.
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    Wait for the cat to eat the food.
    • Don't give it more of the food, or it will start to beg a lot for more.


  • You may want to do this rarely since cats can start begging a lot for the food you give them. Don't give them too much of the food too.
  • Once the cat eats from the plate, you will not be able to use it anymore, so make sure you choose one that your cat is allowed to use.


  • Never feed your cat anything with a dangerous food or ingredient that goes with it. This may make them very sick, or even get a disease.
  • Do not give your cat bones, even if they are bigger than their mouth. They may break a small bone off and swallow it, causing it to choke.
  • Food with spices can be incredibly dangerous to cats, as their digestive system is not adjusted to digesting spices and may cause poisoning. Any meat offered to a cat should have been cooked plain.

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  • Plate you don't use
  • Table scraps appropriate to feed your cat

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