How to Fall Asleep in a Backyard

There's nothing like falling asleep to refreshing sun, the sweet aroma of grass, and fresh wind. What better place to do it than your backyard? It's inexpensive, relaxing, and can be fun. Follow these fun steps and be on your way to catching some sleep in your backyard.


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    Determine where and what you want to sleep on in your backyard. The hammock, trampoline, the tent, or maybe just a rolled out blanket or towel? Then pick where you want to sleep, close to the mango tree for shade or the picket fence for some solid wood behind you. You might have to move a few things for you to sleep where your desired spot is.
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    Set up everything you need to make sleeping more comfortable. Pillows, blankets, and your favorite stuffed animal (if you have one) are just a few examples. Also set up a radio of your favorite relaxing CD in it or your iPod docking station with your iPod and play your most relaxing and peaceful tunes to help you fall asleep, you can only do this if you have plugs ins outside your home.
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    If you bring an electronic music device such as an iPod, radio, tape recorder or anything else keep it in the tent or if you're sleeping in the open keep it under solid shade like an umbrella. Don't keep it under a tree because if it rains, the tree isn't going to do much to keep it from getting wet.
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    Lay on your sleeping spot in your most comfortable sleeping position and close your eyes. You can turn on and listen to your relaxing music now. Soon, your dreams will be on their way.


  • Make sure the umbrella is stable
  • Keep your electronic device as close to the center of the umbrella as possible


  • If it is sunny outside, do not forget to put on sunscreen or set up some shade.
  • Do not leave your electronic music device out in the open just in case it starts to rain.
  • When there is thunder, make sure you are not outside so you are not electrocuted.
  • Make sure the tent door is not left open.

Things You'll Need

  • Tent
  • Sleeping luxuries
  • Radio/iPod (optional)

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