How to Fakie 360

Regular ollies getting too boring for you? Here's how to perform a fakie 360 ollie A.K.A caballerial.


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    Start by rolling backwards at a comfortable speed. This means roll in a nollie switch position.
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    Get in position for a switch nollie.
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    Wind your arms up in the opposite direction from which you wish to spin.
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    Snap the nose of your board down fast, and at the same time, unwind your arms and spin your shoulders to a 360. use you head to help guide it along.
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    Drag your back foot down towards the tail while unwinding.
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    Bend your knees upon impact.
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    Ride away and do ten more.


  • Start by doing 180s. You will only have to spin half the distance, and you will also land facing forward making rolling away easier
  • You will have to time it differently than an ollie, but you should know this.
  • You can practice the spinning on the grass or someplace where the board won't roll out from under you if you don't land quite right. If you go too fast, the board will lose control and you will not be able to successfully land the trick.


  • You have to jump high or you won't make it all the way around.
  • Wear a helmet and pads to prevent serious injury.

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