How to Fake Pregnancy

Four Parts:Faking the TestFaking the First TrimesterMoving into the Second TrimesterContinuing to Fake Symptoms

Mimicking the symptoms of pregnancy can be tricky. A woman's body goes through a variety of changes during pregnancy, all of which can be difficult to imitate. However, with some careful planning you can believably fake a pregnancy.

Part 1
Faking the Test

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    Consider buying a fake test. The easiest means of faking a pregnancy might be simply buying a fake test. You can find fake pregnancy tests online or at a local joke shop. These tests are specifically designed to always result in a positive reading.[1]
    • The one downside of purchasing a fake test is that you may be asked to retake the test to be sure. You might want to purchase a few fake tests so if someone request you take a pregnancy test again you can simply use another fake one.[2]
    • On eBay, you may be able to purchase a fake test. If someone brings you a real test to take, consider keeping a fake positive test in your pocket. Switch the real one out for the fake positive while in the bathroom.
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    Try using soda. A fake test is not always possible. A friend, family member, or significant other may bring you a test to take themselves. In some cases, you can use any type of soft drink, like Pepsi or Coke, to get a positive sign on a pregnancy test. Keep in mind, however, that this method is not foolproof. If possible, sneak a can or bottle of some kind of soft drink into the bathroom when you go to take the real test.
    • In a real pregnancy test, the test detects the pregnancy hormone in a woman's urine. Certain properties of soft drinks are similar to the pregnancy hormone. Dipping a real pregnancy test in a soft drink may result in a positive reading.[3]
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    Avoid faking medical documents. If you're unsure how to use a pregnancy test, you may be tempted to fake medical documents. First off, a doctor or gynecology clinic is unlikely to help you fake documents. Second, forgery is considered a medical offense. Faking medical documents that claim you're pregnant could be considered a possible form of forgery. It is not advised you fake medical documents as this could result in legal repercussions.[4]

Part 2
Faking the First Trimester

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    Fake nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are common early in pregnancy. Specifically, these symptoms tend to occur between the 6th and 12th week of pregnancy. As over half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness, consider faking these symptoms.[5]
    • Women who experience morning sickness cope in a variety of ways. They may drink ginger or lemon tea, eat small meals throughout the day, drink club soda, and drink small amounts of water frequently to avoid dehydration.[6] Engaging in these behaviors can help convince others you are experiencing nausea associated with early pregnancy.
    • Odor tends to trigger nausea. Pregnant women may open windows or turn on fans in the presence of strong scents to block out unwanted smells.[7] Consider complaining of smells and making efforts to cover odors to make it appear you're feeling nauseous.
    • You can also pretend to be sick on occasion throughout the day. Excuse yourself and run to the bathroom. You can dump a beverage in the toilet to make it sound like you're vomiting. Dab some water on your forehead before returning to the room. This will make it look like you're sweating from the exertion of throwing up.[8]
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    Urinate frequently. Frequent urination is very common in the early weeks of pregnancy.[9] If you want to successfully fake a pregnancy, work on taking measures to urinate more often.
    • Certain fruits make you pee more often. Eat lots of citrus fruits, as well as pineapple, cranberries, tomatoes, prunes, bananas, grapes, and apples. Vegetables like onions may also increase urination.[10]
    • Coffee and tea are both diuretics and can result in more frequent urination.[11] However, many women watch the amount of caffeine they consume during pregnancy. Try telling people you're drinking decaf.
    • Carbonated drinks tend to increase the frequency of urination. Drinking something like club soda or ginger ale can indicate you're feeling nauseous as well, helping you fake an additional symptom of pregnancy.[12]
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    Enhance the size of your breasts. For many women, breast size will increase during pregnancy. It may be one of the earliest noticeable signs.[13] Work on taking measures to make your breasts look larger.
    • There are many products you can buy, such as water bras or push-up bras, to make your breasts look larger. However, you don't want to go too big too quickly. You could try slowly stuffing your bra with socks or tissue paper until you gradually reach the breast size provided by an enhanced bra.[14]
    • You can also make simple alterations on your existing bra rather than buying new products. Wearing two bras can increase breast size, for example. Twisting the middle part of your bra, the part between the cups, can push your breasts together to make them look bigger.[15]
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    Fake doctor's appointments. Pregnant women frequently have doctor's appointments and check ups early in their pregnancy. It's fairly easy to fake an appointment. Just claim you'll be late to a meeting or social obligation due to a check up. Show up 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. If you work a job that requires a doctor's note, remember forging a medical document could be considered a form of forgery. It might be best to make conversation about your appointments in the office and claim you scheduled your appointments during your days off.

Part 3
Moving into the Second Trimester

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    Make it appear that you've gained weight. As pregnancy progresses, women begin to gain weight. How women gain weight in pregnancy varies from woman to woman, but you'll want to begin altering your clothing options to make it appear you're trying to hide excess pounds.
    • Go for horizontally shaped clothing with horizontal shapes. Look for wider pants and choose outfits with brighter colors. Darker shades, like blacks, tend to be slimming but something like yellow or white might help create the illusion you've gained some weight.[16]
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    Fake fatigue. Fatigue is a very common symptom of pregnancy in the second trimester. Complain that you feel tired frequently. Take more naps throughout the day. This will help convince others you are pregnant. If you struggle to fall asleep in the middle of the day, consider lying down for 30 minutes or so with your eyes closed.
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    Change your make-up. Pregnant women sometimes get brown marks on their face. This is usually due to an increased production of melanin levels which cause a browning of the skin. Consider swapping your regular make-up for a slightly darker shade. This will help convince others you're attempting to hide some of the facial imperfections caused by pregnancy.[17]
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    Complain of aches and pains. Pregnant women may experience back pain during the second trimester. Headaches are also a common complaint.[18] Work on faking these kinds of aches and pains to make your pregnancy look authentic.
    • Backache and headache are fairly easy to fake as there's no external evidence. You can rub your back or just mention you have a headache. You may want to start lying down and resting more to make it appear these symptoms are causing you some fatigue.
    • Keep in mind you don't want to overdo it. While women do experience aches and pains during the second trimester, for many women it's the easiest part of pregnancy.[19] You do not need to be complaining of pain constantly to be convincing.
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    Look into faking a baby bump. When women show during pregnancy varies. However, most people will expect you to start showing some time during your second trimester. Work on creating a convincing baby bump.
    • Go gradually. People will be suspicious if your stomach goes from flat to round overnight. Start stuffing your clothing with extra padding, gradually adding more layers. You can stuff old shirts and socks into a tank top. You can also add layers as you want your stomach to look larger.
    • Many websites and companies sell fake pregnancy bellies. These are shaped to your body type and made out of a variety of materials. You might want to consider buying a fake belly early on in your "second trimester" and gradually work up to using that belly.

Part 4
Continuing to Fake Symptoms

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    Continue to increase your breast and belly size. Both your breasts and your baby bump will continue to grow into the third trimester. You'll need to work on increasing the size of these body parts if you continue to fake your pregnancy into the third trimester.
    • Your breasts will continue to increase in size during your third trimester. They will also become sore and tender. Work on continue to enhance the size of your breasts, using some of the methods outlined above. You should also occasionally complain your breasts are sore.[20]
    • Continue to add to the size of your fake baby bump. Layer more clothes on top of your bump and gradually add more padding. You may need to buy several fake bellies, in varying sizes, and gradually increase the size of your baby bump as your "pregnancy" progresses.
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    Act tired. Women tend to be very tired in the last leg of pregnancy. Lie low as you continue to fake your pregnancy. Complain that you need to lie down and rest. Mention that you're feeling tired at work meetings and social events. Work on sleeping, or pretending to sleep, more often.[21]
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    Find an exit strategy. You cannot keep up a fake pregnancy indefinitely. Eventually, you'll either have to admit you were faking or fake a miscarriage. Both of these routes are uncomfortable and come with negative consequences. Faking a pregnancy is risky and may not be a good decision. It could damage your relationships with other people. If you were using your fake pregnancy to get out of work obligations, it could result in the loss of your job. Before deciding to fake a pregnancy, seriously consider the consequences. A fake pregnancy might not be worth the risks.


  • Adopt other "pregnant activities" such as food cravings (try pickles and ice cream with hot salsa on top) and nesting (clean everything, all the time). If you want, get mood swings. Those can be pretty fun!
  • Arch your back more to give your fake belly some more effect. Mimic the movements of how pregnant women.

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