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How to Extract Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that has many applications in medicine and in beauty. Aloe vera gel extract can be easily store-bought but more than likely these will have some form of preservative. If you want a more natural product, then you can extract aloe vera by getting your own aloe vera plant and gently slicing it open to release its gel. Keep reading for detailed instructions after the jump.


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    Choose a long, fat leaf from the aloe vera plant.
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    Place your hand at the base of the leaf and pull. Be careful as the aloe vera leaf is spiky. It should come out cleanly and have a white base.
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    Wash off the dirt and debris from the leaf if necessary. Using a sharp knife, peel along one of the spiked sides of the leaf.
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    Use the knife to slice the leaf open along that same side so that the leaf is rendered in two along its length.
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    Use a clean spoon to scrape the gel from the leaf into a clean container of your choice, glass preferably.


  • Be forewarned, the aloe vera plant has a strong, distinctive smell that some people may not be able to tolerate.
  • When opened, the plant is very slimy and icky to the touch.

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