How to Exploit Roblox

Three Parts:Getting Your ToolsFinding a HackUsing Your Exploit

ROBLOX is a popular online game, and there are lots of exploits available for it. To use a ROBLOX exploit, you'll need a few free Windows development tools, a DLL injector, and the exploit file itself. ROBLOX exploits get patched very quickly, so you'll likely be constantly looking for the next new release.

Part 1
Getting Your Tools

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    Download and install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. You'll need this to run the latest DLL exploits in ROBLOX. You can download it from
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    Download and install .NET Framework 4.5. Many of the exploits you download are written with this. You can download it for free from
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    Download the debug DLLs. You'll need a couple of Visual Studio debug DLLs in order to inject your exploits.
    • Download msvcr100.dll from The file will download in ZIP format.
    • Download msvcr100d.dll from The file will download in ZIP format.
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    Extract the downloaded DLL files. Double-click each downloaded file and extract the DLL file inside. Place them on your desktop for now to find them easily.
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    Navigate to the proper system folder. You'll need to place the DLL files into the correct system folder. If you aren't sure if you're running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, press Win+Pause and look at the "System type" entry.
    • 64-bit (most modern computers) - C:\Windows\SysWOW64
    • 32-bit - C:\Windows\System32
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    Drag the two DLL files into this folder. This will allow Windows to inject your exploits while you're running the game.
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    Download a DLL injector. These utilities scan for currently-running programs and then allow you to inject your DLL into a specific process, such as ROBLOX. This loads the DLL code into the game, letting you run the exploit. There are several DLL injectors that will work with ROBLOX exploits:
    • Extreme Injector

Part 2
Finding a Hack

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    Visit popular exploiting forums. There are several big communities dedicated to exploiting ROBLOX. One of the most popular is You'll find the latest ROBLOX exploits here, but be aware that the forum is not kind to new users.
    • For most exploit forums, you'll need to create an account before you are able to view forum posts or download links.
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    Look for "Level 7" exploits. These are the most powerful exploits available, and are also the hardest for the ROBLOX developers to block.
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    Contact an exploit author to purchase an exploit. At the time of this writing, there are no free working exploits available for ROBLOX. The only working current exploits, such as RC7, Elysian, and SevenV2, require payment.
    • Most transactions occur using Skype and PayPal. There is no guarantee that you're not going to get ripped off, or that the exploit won't be fixed the next day by the ROBLOX developers.
    • Avoid cracked versions of these exploits. Most cracks are scams or viruses, and exploit authors have been known to do unkind things to people who crack the paid exploits.
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    Keep checking for new free exploits. ROBLOX gets updated often to fix exploits, and exploits that work one week may not work the next. New exploits are released all the time, and free ones come and go. If you're desperate for a free ROBLOX exploit, you should keep tabs on the forums for new posts.

Part 3
Using Your Exploit

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    Create a new ROBLOX account. Using an exploit from your main account is asking to have it banned, so you should always use exploits from dummy accounts. Make sure there is no information in the account that can link it back to your main.
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    Consider masking your home IP address. Using exploits can get your IP address banned from ROBLOX, which will affect any of your accounts. Consider using a proxy or VPN to hide your IP address before connecting to ROBLOX and using exploits.
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    Start your DLL injector. Having your DLL injector running before you start ROBLOX will make the process a little easier. You'll see a list of the currently-running programs appear in the DLL injector window. It may take a few moments for the list to populate.
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    Load the exploit DLL in the DLL injector. Click the "Add DLL" or "Select DLL" button and browse the exploit DLL that your downloaded or received. This will load it into the injector and have it ready to go when ROBLOX is running.
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    Start ROBLOX. ROBLOX needs to be running before you can inject your exploit DLL. Start the game and load the room you want to test your exploits in.
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    Find a room to test your exploit in. You don't want a room that's too populated, or you run the risk of getting reported quicker. You'll need at least a few people to test commands on.
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    Switch back to the DLL injector and select the ROBLOX process. Look for the RobloxPlayerBeta.exe process in the list and select it. This will tell the DLL injector which process to inject the DLL into.
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    Click the "Inject" button in the DLL injector. This will inject the exploit DLL file into the ROBLOX process. For most exploits, the command window should appear if the DLL was injected successfully.[1]
    • If the injection fails, make sure that you've installed everything listed in the first section of this article. The exploit could also have been patched by the ROBLOX developers, rendering it useless.
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    Start using the exploit. You can usually type something like cmds to see a list of possible actions you can take with the exploit. These commands could include invincibility, noclip, superjump, and admin abilities like killing and kicking other players. The available commands will vary depending on the exploit.
    • Check out YouTube videos for the exploit you are using for some examples of commands you can use.
    • Check the ReadMe file that usually comes with the exploit for additional information on available commands.


  • Always use a dummy account when exploiting ROBLOX.
  • You used to be able to use Cheat Engine to hack ROBLOX while it was running. This is no longer possible, and trying to use Cheat Engine will get you banned very quickly. Stick with using DLL exploits as outlined above.

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