How to Experience God

What is God? Most of us have this general concept that God is the Greatest Organizer and Destroyer. This guide will help you to clarify and to be able to experience what God is to you.


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    Make your concept clear about God. Do you want to see God as a person or want to realize him without any shape? In Hinduism like Ram, Krishna and so on, there are numerous gods. God does not conform to a particular shape. Since God does not have a particular shape you have to find your own way of defining God. You can define your views on god in a similar fashion to that of Christianity.The following steps are applicable to everyone.
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    Help the needy persons without expecting anything in return. When you help others by giving money, putting your labor, offering your good suggestions, serving patients etc., but without charging any fees, then others will feel the presence of God in you and bless you.The blessings gained will definitely help you and your family in your bad time.
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    Find God in the smiling faces of children up to 5 years of age. Smile gives happiness and a cry gives pain. After all every one strives for happiness in his life. God or nature is full of happiness. Grab it and enjoy.
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    Help the old people in getting what they want to the maximum possible extent. You can feel the presence of God in their smiles when they get what they want.The blessings from elders will definitely protect and help us in our bad time.
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    Have a tolerance power. Behave like the sun: What temperature can any human sustain? Maximum 40 °C (104 °F). After that, it is called a fever. But the sun with many thousands of degrees, burns himself and gives light and energy sufficient for entire world receiving nothing from us. Here is God or Supreme power or nature.
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    Understand the importance of gifts from nature. Natural resources are the gifts from God/Supreme power. Water, Oxygen, Fire, Light, Fruits and many more natural resources available on earth are necessary for every single human being's existence. They have been provided by nature (universe) free of cost. Hence all of the humans can feel the presence of God in the whole universe.
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    Appreciate the perfection of human body. Human body is made up of many complicated but perfect systems,like heart, brain, kidney, liver, etc. This is given by nature.


  • Meditate daily 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Anxiety implies lack of faith in God.
  • Truth is a symbol of God.


  • Forgetting God is a kind of suicide.
  • God is within you. Don't cheat him.

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