How to Expect Beyond Hope

Do you want powerful principles in thought and behavior that can transform lives: yours and others. Here's how. "Expect", if it is not just optimism -- but is expecting "not yet" possible things in some broader context, in a bigger picture not based on false and misleading premises.


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    Place expected ideals firmly in your thoughts and circumstances. It is much more than hope. Decide that you will begin on the path toward your chosen future; it may take years: think of a journey, a career, other lives affected, even in generations to come. Visualize the opening of a path that you really want to follow and think of what is next, and beyond the horizon that you believe will happen.
    • Hope, on the other hand, is much less provocative, much like wishing, with a bit of "seems possible..." added in.
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    Allow as much time (weeks, months or years, decades) as is needed to reach your farthest flung ideals. Join trust and faith (the opposite of fear and doubt); blend hope, love and action (opposite of despair) into one flowing process for meaning, fulfillment, profit and joy, the pleasure of reality--No!--not like mere fantasy. Think of the meaning of "expect":

    ~ noun - a mental attitude involving the process of looking forward, anticipating, for example: "a sure prospect of future profits" -- look actively (not looking back) realize with certainty, such as: "There is every expectation of this to happen at the planned time, profitably."

    ~ verb - the act of looking forward, anticipating, examples: "to have great expectations", or the "degree of probability" that something will occur

    ~ math - expected, statistical probability' it is called "mathematical expectation", for example: "It is expected with a 98.7% certainty (formal probability)".
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    Compare, saying this: "I expect this!" -- realize that expecting is pregnant hope: full fruited life previewing its factuality, expressed in the vim and vigor of trusting deeply.
    • Now say, "I hope for this!" how does that feel -- like a dry shriveled raisin without the flow of life; lacking viability, hope means you would "like" it... Hope is nice, your need it, but expect is strong, and that should feel much better -- believe, achieve, receive the expected result...
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    Suspend momentary pleasures. Postpone involvements if the person may not be right one and hold an expectation in grasp: It can bring the peace of mind that overcomes the entire world-outlook of guilt, anger and fear (anxiety) of the present and future.
    • Postpone career entry for a higher education, a bachelors degree, a masters and a doctorate. Some people wait on many commons things empower expectations to become a doctor of science, law or medicine.
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    Visualize--"see"--the answer already on the way through one opening concept, as your portal, your doorway, as a narrowed vision, for what can be gauged and seen clearly (ie, believed):
    • Expect to achieve what you believe and see the process in your mind, and do it.
      • The Wright Brothers expected heavier than air flight as expected by many. Many gliders had succeeded already...
      • Columbus expectation of sailing West to get to the East Indies was "based on evidence and observations" of many that they would not fall off the edge of the Earth, expecting the world to be proved to be spherical.
      • Edison tried well over 1000 experiments before his electric light bulb worked because he "expected it to work" by working it out, and he fulfilled that.
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    Agree with those who have your good at heart, in mind, and receive that favor and blessing that agreement with the right people can bring.
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    Process it: Produce it. Your expectation take shape and will appear to people when it is actively processed; it moves from the shadows of your future into full expectancy. The proceedings of hope and trust must be put into action: becoming visible, taking form.
    • Initialize it actively -- not just telling about it.
    • Actualize real firm workings that others can touch or use in word and deed.
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    Set real goals--the immediate, short, medium and long term ones: Expect actively with your hands working and expect with your feet walking, because it is real as you are prepared to see it and make it.
    • Will you require more education? What effort or who does not profit from knowledge and coordinated understandings from education using what others can offer.
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    Expect, for example, and birth a profitable idea to:
    • Plan what you need, formalizing, inventing, designing,
    • Finding, buying, making, building,
    • Fulfilling needs, caring, marketing, selling,
    • Hiring, training, managing, growing,...


  • The related items: trust, hope, faith and love, etc. along with experience form real, combined, expected events that you would bring to pass.

    Do not be surprised by actualizing what you are walking into and walking through as far, as thoroughly and as long as it takes.

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