How to Exert Power and Confidence

Imagine it - you're invited to one of your friend's houses with several of your friend's friends. They all seem tough/confident, and you start feeling a little apprehensive. By the end of the evening, everyone in the room is thinking of this shy, quiet person as a total pushover. Not the ideal scenario for a first impression. Instead, walk into that room with power and immediately earn yourself the respect we all deserve.


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    Outward appearance is crucial to this. Don't dress shabby - this will give the impression of lacking confidence and no self-worth. On the other hand, don't splash out loads of money on designer clothes. This will show that you feel insecure around them and feel you have to impress them. Wear something you feel comfortable in and shows YOUR style. For example, skinny jeans, flats and a cute top is always a good option for girls, or normal jeans (skinny jeans can lead to others judging you on boys) and a T-shirt with decent trainers (not muddy sports ones!) for boys.
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    Not only are your clothes important in your appearance, but you will also need the right stature. That means chin up, a friendly smile, back straight, arms loose by your sides and gently swinging when you walk.
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    Some acting skill is required for the next part, unless you are naturally confident (in which case, why are you reading this article?). You must believe in yourself, and think that you are fantastic - but don't be a snob. No one will think you are confident and strong if you don't believe that too.
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    Inside everyone there are many different aspects. Shyness, embarrassment, sadness and general unhappiness are all there, but there is also confidence, strength, joy, and all round good feelings: these are what you need to bring out. Let those shine through - no matter how nervous you are, Just Do It. You will almost always come through feeling happy and proud of yourself. Obviously this rule doesn't apply with drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol.
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    Don't walk into that room. Strut. Obviously that doesn't mean the whole hip swing, banging steps and hand on hip fandango, but it does mean know where you are going and get there in style. Girls - slight hip swing but too much, guys, just be smiling confidently.


  • Be yourself! No one likes a poser (but it doesn't hurt to be a little different if you're shy).
  • If you're still in school, maintain good grades, but don't let them dominate your life. Go out with friends, flirt, whatever, just don't let them drop below a D. Always aim a grade higher till you're at an A/-. So if you generally get a C+, make a B/B- your goal. Once you achieve that, go for a B+ or A/-. If you're doing well at school and in your hobbies, you will naturally feel better.
  • Keep an open mind, and do not say anything like "Oh, I can't stand X, they're absolutely rubbish." It may turn out that someone present loves/owns/knows the object/person/people in question.
  • The attitude must be right to give the right impression. You shouldn't be bothered by things that don't concern you: don't take sides in an argument between two people. Although it may put you in the one you side with good books, but even if they laugh the other will feel slightly resentful.
  • If there's a moment when your feeling insecure, just remind yourself of all the amazing things you've accomplished and of the great person that you are. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of you, as long as you love yourself! =D.


  • Be careful not come off as a snob.
  • Don't accept drugs even if everyone else does it. It will not make you more popular, and such situations have ruined people's lives. Peer pressure is a powerful thing, but you will not regret your decision, especially when you are older.
  • Unless you are at least at the legal limit, do not take cigarettes (I cannot really condone this even when you are old enough) or alcohol. Often you may think that it's just one glass, but give into that and you will probably find yourself caving into another, and another, until you've downed far more than you intend.

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