How to Exercise Without a Gym Membership

A guy once complained to me that he hates being fat and idolizes my figure. I told him, he too could get into the best shape of his life! But his reply that cut me short, was that he had no time due to work and gym was expensive. I was kind of stunned. Does this excuse really hinder us from being a healthier mortal? NO!


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    Take good, hard look at your schedule. When are you free and what do you do? The times that you use to relax has to take a hike. Replace it with some exercise. You will be burning more calories in your day and reduces the chances of you snacking!
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    Do some high intensity, interval exercises. These are super effective. In just a short amount of time, you are required to burst with all the energy you have. An awesome workout would be, Sprinting at your maximum capability for 20seconds and then jogging steadily for 10seconds. Do 10 of these sets or more. The 10 seconds are just enough to help you catch our breath back but not enough for you to recover. This gets your body into overdrive! Adjust the timings as per you wish, but make sure jogging times are less than sprinting times. You can even do it in a swimming pool!
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    Do a timed circuit. List out several exercises you wish to do. At least 8. Do each exercise for a minute and pull out as many repetitions as you can. Without a break, get on to the next exercise and pull out as many reps in a minute. Finish the circuit and repeat as many times as you can go on.
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    If you have the time, go for some long jogs or swimming, lasting at least 45 minutes.
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    In parks you should be able to find pull up bars and benches. Use all the facilities available to build muscles, using your body weight. An ideal park would let you do sit-ups, pull ups, dips etc. You can add your own body weight exercises like squats, push ups, frog jumps etc.


  • Draw out a long term and short term plan. How much weight do you intend on dropping by the end of the year? And in order to reach that goal, how much do you have to drop every week? Write it in big letters and paste it all over your room.
  • Losing weight is not only about the numbers, its about losing the fats we have. Do not get too obsessed with numbers. Instead, look at the mirror every few weeks and judge yourself. Is your belling popping out less? Is that a vein on your bicep? Do you see abs?
  • If you ever feel hungry, do not binge on sweets or snacks. Opt for foods that contain fiber. Maybe a sweet fruit like and apple or mango? It solves your fix for something sweet and keeps you full through the fiber.
  • It is inevitable, that in your journey you will go through a plateau. Don't worry! It is just a sign that your body has gotten used to routine. Break away for a while. Maybe take a week to eat what you love. But do not go too crazy. After that little recreation, get back into your routine strictly. Maybe kick it up a notch.
  • Be relentless and obsessive. If you want to reach your goal, you have to keep at it. Paste pictures of models, with the ideal bodies that you desire. If someone discourages you, tell that person to shut up! You want to be sexy, confident and fit! Set reminders in your phone during your meal times stating that you have to eat healthy.


  • Of course bear in mind, initially, your body might not be able to handle the intensity. So start slow! And slowly progress over time. But always push for greater results.

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