How to Exercise Together As a Family

Exercising together as a family can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend time with each other. The benefits include better health and weight as well as a stronger family bond.


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    Sit down as a family and discuss what kind of activities you would be interested in. Exercising together doesn't have to be strictly going to the gym, it can include a wide variety of activities such as; hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, biking, jumping rope, sledding, dancing, or simply walking around the block. There are hundreds of different activities that supply the health benefits of regular exercise, so get creative!
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    Create a schedule. Many families are over worked and over booked, so making a special "family night" to exercise is very important. As you begin to get into the routine of exercising once a week, you can slowly build up to a few times a week, and eventually once a day. Saving one specific day a week for a "big" event (one that requires travel or money or more time) will ensure that you stick to your schedule and give everyone something to look forward to.
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    Plan out your exercise routine and write it down. Writing down your goals and routine is very important, it gives the whole family a solid outline of what you would like to accomplish, as well as something to feel excited about. Get the kids involved and have them write down what they want to get out of a family exercise routine.
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    Daily exercise does not have to be time consuming. The benefits of a ten minute walk around the block after dinner with the family are noticeable. Incorporating exercise into playing with your children allows you to spend time with them as well as reap the benefits of physical activity. A quick game of tag, a run around the local playground, sledding or snowman building in the winter, or a walk around the block are all small but great ways to get exercise as a family.
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    Keep it up! Don't get discouraged. Missing one or two days of exercising isn't the end of the world. Find another way to make up for the lost time, and don't quit your regime. Remember why you want to start exercising with your family, read the goals you've written down, and keep your routine fresh and exciting. Don't forget that beyond the value of the physical activity, you are creating a stronger bond with your family.


  • Have fun and cherish the time you spend together as a family. The values you instill in your children by spending time with them have lifelong benefits.
  • Exercise doesn't have to be exhausting. Start slowly and work your way towards harder and more challenging activities.
  • Get creative and think up new and exciting ways to get out and get healthy.
  • Invite a few of your child's pals over for a backyard ball game or trip to the playground.
  • Motivate each other.
  • Take a cue from teachers and build a whole "unit" around your child's favorite activity, sport, or athlete. Devote an afternoon to basketball, say, with themed crafts, foods, books , and, of course, active games.
  • Don't give up if you miss a day, but make up for it elsewhere.
  • Encourage suggestion from everyone in the family.

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