How to Exercise for Hockey

Hockey is a physically exhausting game. With short, quick shifts that can leave even the best players gasping for air, it's extremely important for hockey players to be in good shape. Follow these tips to add that extra jump in your stride


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    Run! Running is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular strength. It increases your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Mix long, distance runs with interval workouts to strengthen your endurance. Run hills to strengthen legs. Do sprints to build quickness. Running will make those long shifts hurt a little less.
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    Do basic strength exercises. These will help with hitting and shooting. Do body weight exercises such as push ups, sit ups, planks, pull ups, or any other body weight strength exercises.
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    If you are over 13-14, lift weights. Lifting weights is a wonderful way to build strength and size. Do bench presses, squats, deadlifts, curls, shoulder presses, and lunges. Make sure you are doing a reasonable amount of reps and a safe amount of weight. If you are younger, make sure you have and adult watching you to make sure you are doing it correctly. Lifting weights can be extremely beneficial to hockey. However, it can be detrimental if done incorrectly.
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    Stretch! Many hockey players don't incorporate flexibility training into their routines. Stretch before bed, do yoga, whatever it is, stretching is good for you regardless of where it comes from. Flexibility aids in skating and helps goalies in almost every way possible.
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    Eat well. having a good diet is important for athletes and hockey players in general. Having a good diet gives you energy that can really help when your dead in the 3rd period. in addition to weight loss. Eating well can aid while training.
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    Drink plenty of water. Its important to stay hydrated during the day and especially on game day. Hockey players can lose up to 5 pounds of sweat just in a game. Water is the best option. Sugary sports drinks will make you crash and caffeinated beverages actually dehydrate you. Drinking water is a necessity for hockey players.
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    Skate. Go to public skates or pick up games as much as possible. work on your game and skating skills, especially in the summer. skating is a great workout and will really strengthen your legs for the game. Do suicides, laps, or board drills. Sprint skating will help with short burst shifts. also, work on your stick handling and shooting. While skating is a huge part of your game, stick handling and shooting are big too. Working on these skills will aid every aspect of your game.
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    Have fun. Hockey is a great game and is meant to be played. Have fun on the ice but always give 100%. Whether it's at practice or a game, always do your best. Enjoy your time on the ice.


  • Work on your passing. An unselfish player is a good player. it will help you in your game.
  • A good stick handling tip is to tape two pucks to your stick and its handle. This extra weight will give a "donut" effect that baseball players use on their bats. It will give you quicker hands.


  • Always listen to coaches/officials. they might just teach you something. They already give their time, don't waste it.
  • Always wear the necessary protective gear while training and playing. if a piece of equipment is expired, get rid of it. Spending a few extra dollars on a new piece of equipment is worth not getting hurt from it.
  • Always practice caution when weightlifting. Do it correctly.

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