How to Excel in College

Do you have trouble passing college courses? Do you feel you are failing and there is no hope? Well, this article will help you excel in college.


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    Be prepared for class. Make sure you have a backpack with school supplies you need for a particular class. You can have a binder, a notebook, #2 pencil, scantrons on test days, a pen, a time tracker, and an eraser.
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    Take notes before you come to class. It can be overwhelming to come to class and not be able to complete notes because the teacher talks fast or mumbles, (or gets off topic) so it is best to look at the syllabus and find out what the the teacher is lecturing on the particular day and take notes prior to the class date, so you will not be overwhelmed with copying everything on class days. Some colleges have an internet portal where you can view the material from class and then take notes from there.
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    Limit yourself on media. This includes Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, YouTube, television, Twitter, video games, and Internet sites. You are here in college to learn. You don't have to not do those things, but concentrate on learning first, then if you have free time, get on media.
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    Know when your assignments are due. This is very important to pass college and do well in classes. When your teacher passes out the syllabus, note the day's assignments like homework and papers are due so you will have time to complete them,take it slowly piece by piece, and allow yourself to have a break so you are not as stressed. Study well in advance for quizzes and tests.
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    Take advantage of resources. In colleges, there is an abundance of resources available for students who are struggling in classes. There are tutoring centers, that will will work one-on-one with you or as a group in specific courses, and there may be supplemental instruction, or people who have passed the course with a B or higher and can facilitate learning. See what resource is available in your school and use it. Remember, they are always there to help you.
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    Visit the professor. If you having trouble understanding a particular concept, you can always visit the professor during his office hours so he/she can explain it to you, so use it to your advantage. You can also schedule appointments in case you cannot make his/her office hours.
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    Study hard. This is the most important step in learning. You must be willing to learn, and say no to events because if you do, you will do much better in college. You will study harder if you enjoy the material so try to be in a major where you are in a subject that you are interested in or good at.


  • Do not party a lot in college, especially if there is alcohol involved. It could lead to poor decision making, arrest, or death if you are too involved.

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