How to Excel at Online Fund Raising

Fund raising isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3. It takes some work. Here are some ideas to get you started.


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    Keep it simple. People are far more likely to donate to something simple, where there's a clear ask and understanding of where the money will go (eg a water well, a school, books, etc). So, for example, if you're looking to raise $1000 for a nonprofit to get kids books, be as specific as you can in 'Here's the Story': "Every 10 dollars buys one book. Our goal is to raise enough money for x org to get 100 new books for their kids who can't afford them.' Also include photos and video whenever possible to illustrate the story. If you do this well, your donors will also become your most passionate supporters and they'll help spread the word by posting a link to your Project on their own. This is the power of the Crowd and we've seen it work over and over.
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    Be creative. When thinking about how to craft your Project. That means really thinking about the ways to get people excited about your project; from the title of the Project to the photos and video you post to the way you present the story of your Project and what inspired you to get involved.
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    Personalize your online fund raising pages. as much as possible. For example, make absolutely certain you include photos on your Profile and Project pages. Pictures that aren’t that good are way better than no pics at all. I believe it was Galileo who first said that. If you can include a video, even better.
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    Set goals for your fundraiser, both the amount of money and a deadline for all donations to come in. A good campaign has a goal and timeline to give people a sense of urgency.
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    Use promotions to encourage your donors to donate more money, more often. It's just a really smart way to get people to pay attention to what you're doing, in a fun and creative way. For example, depending on what promotions you use, you can tell all your potential donors through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that if they donate $39 to your Project by Friday, they’ll be entered to win a Kindle. And maybe the week after, you post something that tells them if they donate $111 to your Project within the next 72 hours, they’ll be entered to win an Apple MacBook Air. Keep it fresh and mix it up.
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    Ask for donations. Use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Email, etc. to ask everyone you know to donate. It goes a long way if you (1) make the first donation to your Project and (2) use real examples to make it clear how small donations can have a big impact (see KEEP IT SIMPLE). Import your email address book and email anyone or everyone on your contact list about your Project.
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    Take your campaign viral. Give your supporters simple tools to instantly share your Project with their network of friends. It’s even better if you’re proactive and ask them to put a link to your Project on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Emails, etc. If you make your supporters feel personally connected to your cause and the real-life impact your project is having they'll feel compelled to help spread the word.
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    Connect your online fund raising page to your Twitter page. It's really easy to sync the Status box at the top of your personal fund raising pages to your Twitter Account. Change your status message frequently so that your supporters can get more engaged in your campaign. This is the perfect place for you to use promotions and contests to get everyone you know to donate to your cause. It's also the ideal place to update everyone on how the campaign is going, ask for additional donations so you can hit your fund raising goal, and remind everyone what the money will be used for so they get a clear image of how their small donation can have a huge impact. This section is in the running for longest paragraph in this entire section. I added this line to make it even longer.
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    Get your supporters to join your team and help you fund raise. Your supporters can create their own Project Pages to support your cause. The team concept is the best way to turn your supporters into fundraisers and raise way more money for Charity so, if you're going to understand four sections on this page definitely make sure this is one of 'em. Obama proved turning your supporters into fundraisers works. It's the power of the crowd.
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    Try to get some free PR by contacting your local radio station, newspaper and even TV station. You should also get in touch with bloggers relevant to your cause. People love writing about real stories so don't be afraid to seek media attention.
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    Always thank your supporters with a personal message. Your supporters will appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine and will be much more likely to tell their friends about your Project and much more likely to give the next time. If you tell them a very brief, but compelling story about how their money will be used (e.g your $100 will be used to provide shelter to over 300 abused animals), they’ll instantly feel a personal connection to your cause and be much more likely to donate again, help you fund raise, and share your Project with their network of friends.


  • Make sure that your campaign is focused heavily on email - Facebook & Twitter are great for awareness but donations are still heavily driven by email.

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