How to Evaluate Storage Places Before Moving Your Goods

Self-storage is an ideal way of keeping your goods in a secure and well-maintained facility that rents out individual spaces. These spaces can be used to store your personal items, furniture and even your commercial inventories, if relevant. Here are a few tips on how to select good self-storage spaces to suit your requirement.


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    Select the right location. When looking for storage places, choose one located nearest to you. This will help you access your goods frequently and makes transportation economical. It will also facilitate easy inventory management, especially if you use the space to store products in transit to other locations.
    • If the storage place is too far away, you may stop visiting it and making the most of it. This could lead to putting you off playing sports, pursuing hobbies or clearing out unwanted things. This is why ease of access is very important if you don't want to feel as if you're just paying for something you never use.
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    Understand your size requirements. Storage spaces come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of features. Choose yours based on the type, size and amount of goods you wish to store. Being able to maneuver within the storage space and giving your goods some "breathing room" is essential. If some of your goods are sensitive to temperature, you may want to choose a unit that offers a climate-controlled environment.
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    Ask for credentials. It is important to verify the credentials of the storage space provider. Ask for recommendations, reading reviews, or even talking to referees is an ideal way to find out if the storage place is reliable.
    • For example, find out how tough the place is for non-payment. Skipping a monthly payment by accident should not result in your items being auctioned off; on the other hand, failing to pay for three or more months would make such an action reasonable. Ensure that the place notifies of any such intent so that you can rectify it quickly.
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    Do an evaluation before you settle on your self-storage. Evaluate the following:
    • Make sure that the security measures are in place. Personally look into the system and ascertain whether it is to your satisfaction.
    • Understand the access timings. You should be able to access your goods at virtually any time. Find out about any possible restrictions and see if you are comfortable with them or can find a practical way to work around them.
    • Evaluate the scope for expansion. Your requirements may increase over time. Make sure that the facility is able to accommodate you in such circumstances.
    • Understand the maintenance measures that the storage company takes. Look into how the premises are kept clean and how the climate control system, if required, is maintained.


  • Sometimes the fine print may contain some hidden costs that you did not originally account for. Read the contract and ensure that you are well aware of the terms. Only when you are thoroughly satisfied on all levels should you sign on the dotted line.

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