wikiHow to Establish a Long Distance Relationship

Education, jobs or fate separating you and your significant other? Well, there is no need to fret because long-distance dating is easier than ever in this digital age. Follow these steps to establish your long distance relationship.


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    Hash out the details of your relationship - together: Talk about your relationship often before you embark on this new chapter. It's important that you and your significant other share any and all emotions, worries and long-term goals. Ask each other questions like, are you ready to be exclusive? Do you feel like this relationship would thrive despite the distance? Where do you see yourself in a year or two?
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    Realistically discuss your long-distance relationship: Close to your significant other's departure, it's easy to be overcome with emotions, good and bad. Although experiencing those emotions is natural, it's best to try to shed those for a realistic conversation. Layout schedules and, if necessary, time differences with your significant other. This is crucial to provide some normality to the relationship. Also, discuss the fiscal and time possibilities for visits. If you're establishing an overseas long-distance relationship, this might be more complicated with visas and travel prices.
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    Download and test communication applications on your devices: Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, etc. Whatever you can find to make communication effortless, download it. Communication is key to maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship. If possible, test these applications out with your significant other before he or she departs. If there are any issues, you can have them solved in time for your first video chat.
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    Take a deep breath and enjoy: Long-distance relationships aren't as hard as you think. Try to value the time you have with your significant other, and you'll make it through.

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