How to Escape from Being Tied Up

You've read books where the hero escapes from his/her bonds and escaped right? And of course, you want to know how to do it too.


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    Avoid being tied tight (assuming you are being tied with ropes). If it's your wrists being tied, try to hold them slightly apart but not so much that your captor notices. Same thing for your ankles. If you're tied with a figure eight style, make one side very tight so the other will be loose, then slip both hands out. If there's a rope around your chest, take a deep breath and expand your lungs as much as possible. If you can make a loose spot big enough to do so, slip out of it.
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    Try to cut or untie the ropes around your wrists first. You need your hands to untie any other ropes. Look for a sharp object: knife, scissor blade etc. If you have something in your pocket, like a key, try to get it out without anyone noticing. If you can't because you have a gag on try to wriggle your hands free. Once you have your hands free you can undo the knots. While you're doing this try not to graze your hands.
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    To free your feet and legs, first kick off your shoes. It'll make it a lot easier just wearing socks. Bend over and try untying the knot with your teeth. Do the same as you did with your hands. Once your feet are free pull the leg bonds down until they have gone off over your feet.
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    If your arms are pinned to your stomach, chest or torso; bend one arm like your showing off muscles but just stuck next to your body. Try lifting up out the bonds. If your feet are free, remove your shoes and grab the rope with them and pull down at the same time.
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    Practice with duct tape as well. It is not quite as sturdy as rope. Use this to your advantage. You may be able to chew through it. If you can't, try to peel it away from your skin with your teeth or mouth.
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    Once you are loose, it's to your advantage to stick around awhile. You should bide your time and pick the best possible moment to escape, similar to a baseball player picking the most opportune moment to steal home base. Also, you can gather information about your captors that could help the police track them down. When they turn their back or let their guard down for even a second, run as fast as you can. It may be the only chance you have to escape.


  • When being tied up, tense all of your muscles up. This is a technique used by most escape artists and allows the ropes to be slightly looser when you relax you muscles.
  • Try asking a friend or sibling to tie you up so you can practice. Make sure you use a rope that is OK to cut.
  • Practice escaping. It may seem useless now, but there could be a day where you are glad you knew how to escape!
  • Make sure your captor doesn't notice.


  • It will hurt when you escape from being tied up, especially with duct tape or really tight rope. Don't let this distract you.
  • Immediately call the police after escaping
  • Don't let anyone see you cut the rope.
  • Don't go over 10 hours

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