How to Escape from an Upper Floor Window

This is a cheap way to get out of your dwelling. Remember, this is to get OUT, not back in.Read!


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    Get the right supplies. A large store, like Wal-Mart should have everything you need. If you have 5 strong belts all ready, then you do not need to buy any. If you do buy belts, make sure to get different types. If one is not as strong as you thought and breaks, you still have different belts that would probably not break. Besides belts, you need a long rope, 2 spring links, and a utility pulley. Woven, industrial-looking rope is good. It has to be long enough to get you down and you need plenty of slack. 75 feet (22.9 m) is great for a second story window and would probably work for a third story. Any kind of spring link should work, but there is a kind of spring link that is large and has a grip on it which might be best. Make sure your pulley can fit your rope. Check the weight limit for all of these supplies.
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    Pick the location. If you have several windows, try to choose one with an overhang. That can possibly save you a foot of travel, due to the slope. It also gives you a temporary perch. If you have a window with a smaller drop (to a porch or a hill), that is good. You also need to choose an adequate piece of furniture to attach the rope to. It has to be heavy and stable, like a bed.
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    Prepare the window. Open the window and remove the screen. There should be knobs that can be pulled to take the screen out. Pull the screen inside.
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    Secure the rope. Cut a short length of rope to attach the pulley to the furniture. Make a ridiculous amount of knots until it is secure. If you can secure it to several pieces of furniture, that would be useful. Put the rest of the rope through the pulley, so it can be manipulated.
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    Secure yourself. You may need to add holes to your belts. Take two belts and attach them to your upper thighs, so that the remainder of the belt faces your inner thighs. Attach another belt around your waist. The last two belts go from your inner thighs and under the belt at your waist. You should see the remainders of the thigh belts and the waist belt as being long and close together. Use a spring link to attach those three together, in an order (one leg, waist, other leg). Take one end of the long rope and tie it to the spring link. Take the other spring link and attach it to another belt, if for some reason all three of the belts you attached before fail. Stand back in the room and pull on the end of the rope not attached to you. If furniture starts moving or knots start unraveling, then make adjustments.
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    Go through the window. Slowly begin lowering yourself down. Hold firmly onto the other end of the rope. You may need to use one hand to jostle your end of the rope to keep moving. If you are close to the ground, do not jump. You have to fully lower yourself down. If you jump, the rope might snag on something and you can damage yourself. Once you are on the ground, detach yourself from the rope. Try to practice this to make your escape faster (and possibly stealthier).


  • Investing in professional gear would be useful.
  • You can use your legs to walk on the walls of the building, while your hands manipulate the rope. This can take some of the pressure off the rope.
  • There are special ladders for escaping fires that can be used instead of this. If you intend to get back in this way, you might want one of those.


  • You can fall. None of these supplies are officially meant for supporting humans.

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