How to Escape Extreme Pressure Employment

You are intelligent with potential for a better life. But, for now, you are trapped in a suffocating job. Worse, you fear for your safety, physical, mental-or both. You're a night-shift security guard, sitting alone in a lonely lot, for years. You work a toll booth on the Verrazano Bridge and have no one to speak with all day. You're a soldier, a prison guard who works solitary confinement. You are whatever you are. But you know you can make a difference in the world. And create a better life for yourself, your loved-ones. You want to know how to: 1. Survive 2. Break out 3. Create that good life you always wanted


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    Come to grips with the fact that you can't take it anymore. The lower you've hit bottom, the higher you will go. Consider stopping caring about your work/colleagues criticism and you might feel more relaxed in the short term. Richard Templar says in the Rules of Wealth act as if you don't need the money and people will no longer have power over you.
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    Believe, from deep in your gut, that you can do better. Remember, almost no one was born rich, successful. If someone did it you can too.
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    Don't try to ignore your anger or frustration. They are your best weapons! Use them! Speak to your trade union representative if it helps.
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    Focus whatever emotions you have. And then some. It may take time, but to climb out of any hole takes time.
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    Work out. You must stay in shape to be able to be in control of yourself. Do not let your physical side go.
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    Hone yourself. Stay in excellent shape. Do it systematically: Aerobics, calisthenics. Whatever works for you.
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    Go after attainable goals to better yourself. Slowly work towards a degree. Get academic counseling, it's often free! Work/life-experience is more often than not translatable to credit. You may be closer than you think.
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    Express your goals to your loved ones. Tell them you need their support.
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    Every single day read number two above. Remember, every trip starts with one step. But you can do it, as long as you keep your eyes on the final goal.


  • Make a tiny improvement in your life, rather than no improvement. Then make another tiny improvement. For example, you might work in a dead-end job in a small company. Try to be very good at that dead-end job and then apply for the same dead-end type job in a big company that offers lots of benefits. Already you will be better off. Now try to get promoted or move sideways in that company.
  • Even if your job is just a filling-in type "day-job" and you are constantly working on getting into your "real career" you will still be better off if you do your day-job as well as possible and make the best of it. If you never make it in the career of your dreams you will still have a better job than if you had just coasted through each working day.
  • It may sound harsh, but steer clear of taking advice from people around you who haven't gotten out of their own pits. They are not your responsibility (unless they are), but you don't need anyone negative (sorry, shortest way to say it) dragging you down.
  • Speak to other people who have worked their way up. You can get encouragement from a lot of sources.
  • Pray. At best, it may not do anything more than make you feel better, but at the worst, it may waste some time. The law of averages states that billions of people have been answered, yours might too. ...If you're actually religious then Remember: He is like a friend. Speaking sincerely with real hope is most likely to evoke His help, just like a flesh and blood buddy. Also, the One above deals with you as you do with others: You want help getting up -- your best advice is to help others below you along the way.


  • It's so worth repeating: Do not let anyone's bad vibes drag you down. Stay with those people who give you give you that "injection" of energy.
  • It's up to you. Others have done it. You can too.
  • All trips begin with one step. But, keep your eye on the destination.
  • A bad day is nothing more than a bad day. It's not a sign that you are not succeeding. It's not an indication you can't. Or a message to resign yourself to wherever you are.

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