How to Envision Your New Style

Do you want a new look, but don't know where to start? Is your style routine, predictable and bland? Here's a guide to help you envision your new style!


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    First, get inspired. Read some magazines, watch your favorite shows, and read inspirational blogs. Are there people who inspire you? (Classmates, celebrities, etc.) Is there a specific time period you like? (80s, Victorian Gothic, etc.) Are there any styles that influence you now? (preppy, punk, etc.) Once you have an idea of what you want to look like, stick with it.
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    Make a list of these inspirations. You can even make a fashion mood board or a Polyvore collage with clothing, colors, and inspirational pictures.
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    Find your "essentials." What are the key elements that stand out in this look? Here are some examples: Scene kids have their cute plastic jewelry or colorful hair clips, punk kids love biker-style jackets or schoolgirl skirts, and almost everyone loves skinny jeans. Write a minimum of 5 key fashion items for your style. This should include apparel, shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc.
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    Now, make a "wants list." These are the essentials or extras you don't already have. Here's an example: Doc Martens, stud leather satchel, and Lady Gaga hair bow. If you're on a budget, poke around the mall and internet to find your wants at lower prices. Shopping online is good as well, although buying accessories and jewelry over the internet is recommended over buying shoes and apparel (you can't really try on the clothes from your desk chair). Use all the coupon codes you can find.
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    Make sure you're inspired, and you have all your essentials and the things on your wants list.
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    Pull all your items out of your closets that go with your desired look. Organize them in piles or stacks in outfits, colors, clothing type, etc.
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    Make at least 5 head-to-toe outfits (including accessories, if any) that you feel confident in. Try them on, see what you would fix about each outfit, and rearrange the pieces accordingly.
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    Take pictures of your outfits and item piles. If they match your desired look, print them out and make a collage or two. Place the collage in your closet or next to your dresser, or somewhere you can see it (especially on a day when you're not sure what to wear).
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    Now that you've figured out your outfits, put some thought into hair and makeup. Get your hair done, watch some YouTube hair tutorials, etc. If you include makeup, the "basics" commonly include lipstick or gloss, foundation, at least one eyeshadow pallet with colors you love, and eyeliner (liquid is good, but you'll need steady hands).


  • Don't lose yourself. Know what you like and only get things you're totally in love with.
  • When shopping, wash hats/secondhand clothing that you take home. This protects against lice.
  • Act like a fashion stylist and pretend that you're your own client. Find things that look good, and tailor your style to fit your body, budget, lifestyle, and tastes.
  • Spend money wisely - if the jeans you want break the bank, find a cheaper substitute.
  • Don't become a carbon copy of someone who inspires you.
  • Make sure your new style fits your life. If you can't wear it to work, keep around clothing you can. If you can't move comfortably because you have too much jewelry on or your skirt is too tight, it's time to toss something out.

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