How to Entertain Young Children

If one thing is for sure, it is that young children absolutely love the goofiest, funniest, and most whimsical aspects of life. They use their imaginations, play with toys for hours, and are brutally honest when we adults least expect it. With that said, young children are extremely fun to be around once you have tapped into their personalities. By simply observing a child at play, you can discover how to entertain a child for hours!


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    Be goofy. Babies and young children do not like the ordinary and mundane. The only way to make a child crack a smile is to do something funny! Use that crazy voice or make that hilarious Grinch expression everyone loves to leave your young compatriot in stitches.
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    Talk to them. Simply engaging in conversation with a young child can reveal multitudes about his or her personality. You can discover whether she likes to play soccer, read, play with Barbie dolls, or jump rope by just asking her what her hobbies are.
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    Start an activity. Begin doing something you suspect may be interesting to a child (like Play-doh). Most children are very curious and will eventually gravitate toward you if they see you doing something interesting. If the child is under age of four, most activities will appear fun as long as you are smiling!
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    Take things outside. The great outdoors is a fabulous place for children to play. Suggest a day at the park or community swimming pool. It is safe to say that the majority of children are thrilled to go swimming. Just be sure to provide the proper supervision levels, depending on the child's age (a two-year-old requires constant supervision, while a 12-year-old can fend for himself with intermediate supervision).
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    Put on America's Funniest Home Videos. Children seem to find nothing more amusing than adults clambering over themselves or running into sliding glass doors. My younger sister gets a kick out of fall-down videos, and many children agree!
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    Pop in a movie. Disney movies never fail, and it is a sure thing that a child will have a favorite picked out.
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    Take them to the movies. Most of us love the experience of going to the movie theater, enjoying popcorn and candy, and watching a movie. Children are no exception. Treat them to a film you know they would enjoy,but make sure it is appropriate for children.
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    Hold his/her hand. When walking, there is nothing more heartfelt or affectionate than when a child unexpectedly reaches for your hand while strolling down the street. Don't pull away if a young child does this. It means he/she likes you!
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    Take him to the Disney Store. As mentioned above, most children love anything Disney, and are very particular about which movies they prefer. Drive to the mall and let them get lost amongst the endless piles of limited edition Disney Beanie Babies!
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    Read them a story. Dr. Seuss works every time! Whimsical yet highly educational, don't worry if you stumble over words when you read aloud. Dr. Seuss provides a fun way to bond with a child while simultaneously improving your pronunciation skills. Try the Lorax!
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    Don't be shy! Children can be very bashful, but they can also be extraordinarily outspoken. Don't be afraid to approach a child simply because he is shy. He will open up to you, but you might have to wait a little bit.
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    Color. Coloring books are fun for kids and adults alike. Teach your young friend how to color inside the lines, and she will teach you the importance of staying outside the lines!
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    Bring your dog along. Children love animals. If your dog is child-friendly, it is certain that your young companion will love him. Just make sure to clear it with the parents before you bring your dog over for a visit.
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    Take him to an aquarium. Nothing evokes more awe and excitement in a child than being surrounded by an underwater environment. She will frolic among the fish for hours while you breathlessly try to keep up with her.
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    Treat her with the same respect you treat your adult friends. Young children are just as fragile, if not more so, than adults when it comes to emotions. Maintain an honest relationship with a child, even when they upset you, but keep in mind that a child's mind is tender as well as malleable. Refrain from cussing or engaging in behavior you wouldn't want the child to emulate.
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    Have fun! Children don't do well with rigid structure. Learn to go with the flow, and you will have fulfilling and exciting interactions with young children!


  • When going out, pack a bag with child essentials: moist wipes, a change of clothes, sunscreen, a snack, and a beverage.
  • Let your inner child out when interacting with young children. Babies and kids alike really enjoy goofiness.
  • Take a babysitting course through the Red Cross to learn how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on children.


  • Keep emergency numbers handy (parents' cell phone numbers, Poison Control Center)
  • Be sure to ask the child's parent if you are unsure of certain activities.
  • Many medications are not formulated for children. Read all packaging carefully for dosage instructions. Consult a doctor if you are in doubt.
  • R-rated movies are no place for a young child. Save the more mature films for a night out with friends.

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