How to Entertain a Girl

In this article we assume you have a romantic or sexual interest in the specific girl. When doing so, remember you want to create a fun and exciting experience for her, and you do not want to be a clown!

This article mostly focuses on building up attraction without setting up a date but through casual communication.


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    Find out what she's passionate about. Even if you have no idea whatsoever on the subject she enjoys, ask her about it. She'll like talking about her favorite topic.
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    Think of something she'd love to do but has never done before. For example, teach her how to drive, or take her to a shooting club. The options are numerous.
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    Take her with you to the mall to help you choose some new clothes. This doesn't mean you actually have to buy something outrageous just because she likes it. As a matter of fact, supplicating to her opinion would have the opposite effect. While you're there, make her try some sexy clothes. Girls love to dress up, even if they don't buy anything.
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    Usher her into your world. Get her listening to your favorite music, or see your favorite movie.
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    Surprise her. Don't explain where you're taking her, just tell her to trust you.
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    Think of something creative you can do together, like repainting her room or helping you collect specimens for your flower collection. Invite her to your place and have her help you cook a dinner.
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    Entertaining a girl doesn't mean she has to laugh all the time. Ask her personal questions, and don't be embarrassed to talk about yourself. Make it a pleasant conversation. See the tips section for ideas.
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    Know that if she's angry or upset, you shouldn't try to solve her problems. Girls are smart enough to handle their own lives. Ask her to share what's bothering her, don't ask what can you do to help her. Whereas the former makes you the empathetic person she'd fall for, the latter makes you the patronizing jerk who thinks a girl is too weak or stupid to solve her problems.
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    Feel free to make jokes that carry an erotic charge, but be aware of the thin line between erotica and pornography. Also, don't overdo it. A joke and an implication that you really want to be with her (and "implication" does not mean saying "I wanna f*** you" outright!) is OK, but if all you can say is sex-related jokes you look needy and horny.
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    If during a conversation you find there's something ailing her, you make her talk about it, even if she bursts in tears. This is actually a therapeutic approach used by psychologists. After she's all cried out, she'll start to like you because you made her feel good (it's counterintuitive, but going through the sorrow instead of suppressing it is a great relief on the mind).


  • If you want to know whether she wants you to kiss her, stop in mid-sentence and smile lightly, looking her in the eyes. If she holds eye contact for 5 seconds without saying anything, just lean over and kiss her. ( this honestly does work )
  • Here are some ideas of conversation starters:
    • Her parents
    • Fashion
    • Sea holiday vs. mountain holiday
    • Pets
    • Children
    • "What is the thing you want to learn the most?" (That would help you to implement step 2)
    • Travel (like or dislike)
    • "Where did you get that shirt from?"
    • "What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?"
    • Anything that would actually help you get to know women better (like the above question). If you don't succeed with this particular girl, you can use the information on the next one.
  • The key to being successful with women is to actually enjoy their company.
  • Be original. Avoid the cheesy dinner-and-a-movie approach. If you want to entertain and impress her at the same time, take her with you when walking your dog in the park. This way she won't feel like she's on a date and things will be much easier. Also, you won't have to be under the pressure of a first date, hence you'll act more confident and easy-heartedly.
  • Most of all, you must relax. You'd be surprised how easy it is to entertain and impress a girl when you're not trying to.
  • Prepare her favourite meal.


  • Don't overdo the entertaining. Make sure she doesn't accept you as an emotional trash can or her best friend, because then your chances with her are zilch. This is important and has a thin line, be very careful about this part.
  • There are some topics that should never be brought up during a conversation
    • Politics & Religion (though for some people, these make for the best conversations)
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Racial matters (even if you are different races!)
    • Generalizations about "men and women" (it's obnoxious)
    • Previous relationships (hers or yours)

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