How to Enroll in Online High School Classes in Utah

Utah's Statewide Online Education Program[1] allows Utah public school students in grades 9-12 to enroll in online courses offered by Utah schools - while remaining enrolled in their local high school. For students looking to take all their classes online, there are several full-time online public school choices available. Here's how to take advantage of this opportunity to add online courses to your high school experience!


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    Learn about online education in Utah. Online public school classes are free and become part of your regular class schedule. Different schools have different approaches, but generally the coursework is available online, and assignments and tests are also turned-in and taken online. Classes, curriculum, teacher contact methods and interaction levels, and student-to-student interaction also differs from school to school. Research the schools and see which are most appealing to you.
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    Choose between supplementary online courses and full-time online school. Research the schools offering online classes (see Sources and Citations, below) and determine whether you want to stick to taking supplementary courses, or ditch traditional school for full-time online classes.
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    Decide which courses to take, and from which schools. This is the fun part! Read the course description details at the school websites. Make sure you are following your own student education/occupation plan (SEOP) and graduation requirements for your school. Contact your school counselor for details about what you need to graduate.
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    Go to the school's website and follow their enrollment instructions. Each school has their own enrollment procedures. Follow them carefully to ensure that you can get into the class(es) you desire.
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    Plan when and how you will do your online coursework. Because there is no classroom time, you will have to make time to learn and do assignments outside of your regular public school hours. This will require some motivation, self-control, and self-pacing. Plan ahead so you don't get behind and end up struggling to catch up in your online classes.


  • Talk to others already enrolled in online classes and learn about their experiences. You can ask the school(s) you are interested in if they have names and contact information for some of their parents/students who are willing to talk with prospective students. Some of the schools also have Facebook pages and you can find other online parents/students there.
  • For school year 2012-2013, Utah public high school students can take up to two full-year online courses (four semester-long credits) offered by Utah schools while still enrolled in their local school. Fall semester 2013 this will increase to three full-year courses (six semester-long credits) and include private and homeschooled students. In 2014 it will increase to four credits, in 2015 to five credits, and in 2016 to six credits. The local school or the Utah State Board of Education can approve of more online course credits if the online courses better meet the academic goals of the student.[2]
  • The Statewide Online Education Program will not affect a student's ability to participate in extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities or released time for off campus religious classes. In fact, it may help provide greater flexibility in scheduling courses and released time at the student's high school because they will be taking online courses, freeing up more available class times. The student will still take the majority of their classes from their public high school.[3]
  • Students can choose the courses and providers that best fit their learning style and needs. All online courses are offered through accredited Utah public schools and include a broad scope of courses including core subjects, electives, foreign languages, and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. All courses count toward graduation, and the teachers are certified and subject to the same qualifications as all Utah public school teachers.[4]


  • Enrollment in supplementary online classes is limited. Full-time online schools also limit the number of students, and may have enrollment periods beginning early in the calendar year for the next school year. Some may accept students mid-year. If you want to take online classes, make sure you contact the school and apply for enrollment as soon as possible.
  • Online classes aren't necessarily easier. In fact, they are often more rigorous[5]. Don't expect the classes to be all fluff or quick to breeze through. You will have to work to earn your class credits!
  • Your local high school school counselor may not know how the Online Education Program works. Do your research before meeting with them, so you have as much information as possible. You might even be able to help them understand the program better, and how it can benefit their students!
  • This isn't homeschool. Classes count for credits, and give grades that will go on your public school record. Don't flake out or it will hurt your GPA!

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