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Two Methods:Applying and Gathering DocumentsGoing to Your Appointment

Active-duty and retired service members are automatically enrolled in the DEERS program. However, if they want their family members to also be registered for Tricare, the service members will have to enroll them separately. If you and your spouse are both service members, choose one of you to be listed as the sponsor of your child in the DEERS program. Scroll down to Step 1 to find out how you can enroll yourself or a family member in a TRICARE plan.

Method 1
Applying and Gathering Documents

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    Set up an appointment to enroll your family members. Active and retired service members, who are referred to as sponsors in this case, are automatically enrolled in the DEERS program. However, the family of a service member will need to be enrolled separately by the sponsor. To do this, you will need to set up an appointment at your local uniformed services personnel office. You can:[1] #*[| run an internet search] to find the nearest office, or
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    Fill out a DEERS enrollment application. This application can be found on the TRICARE website at Print it out and use a blue or black pen to fill in the designated information. You should fill out sections One, Two and Five. The other sections will be filled out by a member of uniformed services personnel office.[2]
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    Gather your required documents. The documents you bring will depend on who you are enrolling. If you are a sponsor enrolling family members, bring two forms of I.D., one of which must be a government-issued photo I.D. like a driver’s license. If you are a family member of a sponsor, but the sponsor is not available to come in to the office, you will need to bring an enrollment application signed by your sponsor, along with the required documents.[3]
    • For a spouse of a sponsor: Marriage certificate; Marriage certificate; Spouse birth certificate; Spouse Social Security card; Spouse photo ID.
    • For a child of a sponsor: Birth certificate; Social Security card. If you are adding a step-child, you must also bring in your marriage certificate.
    • For a dependent parent: DFAS letter of approval; Service member birth certificate and valid photo ID; Photo ID and Social Security card of the parent.

Method 2
Going to Your Appointment

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    Bring all of your documents. Before you leave the house, check that you have all of the required documents listed in the previous section. Without these documents, you will be unable to enroll in the DEERS program and will have to schedule another appointment. In the mean time, you will not have any health care coverage, so it is important that you bring all of the necessary documents with you.
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    Dress nicely. This is, of course, optional but you will be having a photo taken of you for your ID card. It is always good to dress up a little bit when meeting with authorities so that you can represent yourself in the best possible way.
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    Choose your enrollment plan. You will have to fill out some forms that will allow you to enroll in a certain TRICARE plan. If you are an active-duty service member, you will be asked to enroll in a plan depending on where you are located. These plans include TRICARE Prime, Prime Remote, Prime Overseas, and Prime Remote Overseas. If you are a family member of a service member, you will also be enrolled in one of these prime options. However, some family members may be eligible for other options that include:[4]
    • TRICARE Standard and Extra; TRICARE For Life; TRICARE Standard Overseas; TRICARE Young Adult; and US Family Health Plan.
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    Receive your ID card. You will have a photo taken of you and an ID card made. Once you have received your ID card, you should carry it with you at all times. Health care providers will ask to see your ID card and will make copies for their records. You should also have it with you when you go to any doctors appointments or go in to fill a prescription.[5]
    • Children under 10 years of age can use a parent or guardian’s ID card. When they turn 10, you must enroll them in the DEER program so that they can get their own ID card.


  • Go on to the TRICARE website to update any information in a preexisting DEERS program account.

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