How to Enliven a Viewless Window

The view out your window is bleak. Rather than trees, sky, and greenery, you have a great view of the tall, drab building next door - or even worse, the parking lot. A window without a view can make the whole room seem bleak and dreary. On the other hand, a lively window will bring light and energy inside. Here, find some tips to help you enliven even the most viewless of windows.


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    Paint the window frame. If your room is dark and dreary, consider painting over the window frame in a bright, cheery color. This will create a lively atmosphere around the window and make looking at the window pleasant even if looking through it isn't.
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    Add curtains. For a bright, airy look, try translucent cream or white curtains with an opaque fabric that suits your room's interior. Lacey curtains are also a good idea. Choose a fun style and color of fittings or poles to hang the curtains as well as choosing the curtains themselves.
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    Make a windowsill garden. Plant flowers in a window box to add a remarkable element of life and color to your view, or plant small vegetables for a pretty and practical effect. In addition to lightening up your window, an attractive garden can make a difference in your neighborhood.
    • If you don't have a window box, you can make one by screwing a garden box onto the outside of your window.[1] See Grow a Window Sill Garden for more information.
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    Decorate your window. Make and hang paper decorations, use window paint, or buy window decorations at an arts and crafts store. If you want a more involved project, create a faux stained glass window[2] or add an etched vinyl design.[3] You can buy sheets to go over you window and make it look tinted or frosted. The opportunities for window decoration are endless, and this will drastically change the way the window looks in your room.
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    Accessorize your window. You could hang a wind chime, a suncatcher, a wind wheel outside, or a kinetic mobile or a colourful garland inside, to accessorize your window and improve the view. You can also hang Christmas lights or lanterns around your window frame to give the window and the room a nice, soft glow. Hang a flag outside for a festive atmosphere.


  • Let sunlight in regularly. It helps kill microbes that like dark spaces and keeps the air inside from getting damp.
  • Too much direct sunlight may cause things inside to fade in colour so use curtains to help.
  • If the air is clean outside, open the window during the day so warm air can get in. It helps keep the air fresh inside.
  • Depending on the scene or sunlight outside the beauty of altered windows will change.
  • With glass painting you could paint the scene you would prefer to see at your window. Like the image of a sun (a little blank view to the outside) with a landscape below, a pretend 'expensive window' image, snowflakes, famous works of art (fan work of course), etc.


  • Make sure the window surfaces are clean and dry before you apply anything to it. Or the dirt will stay beneath it.
  • Don't add decorations that might obstruct the window in case of an emergency.

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