How to Enjoy Yourself at the Gym

If you've got a gym membership, you know that it can be tough to motivate yourself to go. But if you learn to enjoy yourself during your workout, it'll be much easier to do it.


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    Wear nice clothes. If you are overweight, you may not be quite ready for short shorts or tight sleeveless tops, but that's OK. If you pick something that fits your body nicely - instead of wearing huge sweatpants and a huge t-shirt - you'll feel better about yourself and you'll want to work out more.
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    Look appropriate. If you're a woman, don't do your makeup like you're going to be on the red carpet! Sure, a little eyeliner or mascara is OK - but if you're going to put on foundation, lipstick, blush, etc. - rethink the reasons why you're really going.
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    Bring a friend along! It's always more fun with a friend. However, if you don't know anybody, don't feel intimidated. There may be a group of guys or girls that you always see together- don't feel left out. Just enjoy yourself and don't worry about being popular.
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    Understand the etiquette. Don't lounge on the machines if you're not using them. This is an awful habit and is disrespectful to people who may be wanting to use them.
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    Don't try too hard to show off, it makes you look desperate.
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    Bring along some music. Make a playlist on your mp3 player of your favorite songs that really want to make you dance and move around. Don't put slow music that puts you to sleep on it. An ipod shuffle 2nd generation is good because it is small.


  • Wear a sports bra (if you have breasts).
  • Just have fun! If you're just starting out, don't compare yourself to the bombshell or hunk who have been working out for years. Focus on yourself!
  • Spend more time working out than checking yourself out . Otherwise, you may look like you're self-centered.
  • Always put your hair up in a ponytail. It's much more comfortable and will prevent sweat getting caught underneath your hair, which could cause pimples.
  • Go with a buddy or two, hitting the gym with your friends can make exercise more progressive and fun.
  • If you're unsure of how to use a machine, ask for help and read the instructions properly. People can whisper about how dumb you look doing the machine incorrectly.
  • If you're worrying about sweating through your clothes, buy Nike Dri-fit shirts, and wear dark pants.
  • Don't waste your time by talking with all your friends at gym. Just concentrate on your workouts and be satisfied by your effort.


  • Some machines can be difficult to maneuver. If unsure, always ask! You could hurt yourself or cause embarrassment if you do them incorrectly.
  • Always respect people. If somebody grabs the treadmill you were heading for, don't say anything. Just take a breath and wait for the next one - or try something else.
  • Contrary to popular belief, don't just stretch before a workout, whether it's cardio or weights. Do low impact exercises first, then stretch. If you stretch or lift cold muscles, you could be setting yourself up for pain.

Things You'll Need

  • Workout gear (sports bra, gloves if needed, water bottle, mp3 player,etc)
  • Gym membership
  • A good attitude to have some fun and to get strong!

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