How to Enjoy Your Vacation in South Africa

South Africa is by far one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world. The country offers you a great variety of scenic sights and wonders, flavored by diversity of the many different ethnic cultures. A land of tradition and history amidst a highly cosmopolitan society and golden sunsets. English is spoken throughout the country and communicating with the locals becomes an added advantage, making your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.


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    Convert your currency into South African Rands. Although foreigners may use travelers cheques or U.S Dollars, trading becomes much easier when paying in South African Rands. This can be done easily at your convenience at any one of the many international and domestic airports.Many foreign exchange banks are also available at the major city centers. Ask for advice at the information desk, if you encounter any difficulties. Most hotels and holiday inns will accept credit cards or any international travel card.
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    Hire a private tour guide if you can. Most hotels will provide you with a reputable taxi and tour guide to show you around the city and other interesting places one can visit. One can also use the city bus services, provided you carry a map and know where you intend on going. It is simple to ask for directions since most people will communicate in the English medium.
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    You can choose a coastal destination if it is sun and surf you desire. South Africa has many miles of sandy sea shores that extends into many of the provinces. This shoreline starts from the Atlantic Ocean in the Cape and extends into the warm Indian Ocean that resides on the West side of the coastline. The exotic beaches and the warm sun indulges the luxuries of 5 star hospitality or self catering facilities, depending on your budget and preferences.
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    Mingle with the locals to experience the novelty of true warmth and hospitality. The ethnic diversity of the country is an enchanting source of interest and mystery. Depending on where to choose to stay, the people are of a varied mix. You will most likely encounter the different race groups all living and working together as one.
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    Capture the enchantment of mountain splendor in the interior of the country. The far interior and extreme north is sprawled with scattered mountain territory and valley of a thousand hills. The natural game parks and Eco-villages/parks are also situated in the interior of the country. The big 5, Rhino, lions, buffalo, Giraffe etc can be seen in abundance at any of the nature reserves.
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    Dress appropriately in accordance with the seasonal weather. South Africa experiences a cold and chilly Winter from late April to the first week in August. Temperatures in the interior and the Cape can range between 3-5 degrees at night and increases to around 10-11 degrees during the Day. The mountain winds can be icy in the Cape province so be sure to dress warmly when visiting in the Winter. Areas along the north of the country, such as Durban places that extend further north experience much warmer weather and the Winter is quite warm. Be sure to dress appropriately in order to make your stay comfortable.
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    Indulge yourself in the taste of South African cuisine. Food and drinks range from fresh fruit cocktails to best brewed white and red wines. The cuisine differs from truly ethnic to Oriental or English dishes prepared by the locals. All types of foods are available as this will once again depend on your eating preferences.
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    Visit the many breath taking Botanical Gardens located in the vicinity of each City or Town. These gardens host a splendor of indigenous trees and flowers endemic to the South African Climate and conditions. Experience the calm and tranquility amidst this natural beauty and awe. These gardens can be easily accessed by taxi or public transport. Coffee shops and finger lunches are also available within the confines of the gardens that are available at an affordable price.
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    Choose an economic Airline for travel. South African Airways is a member of the star alliance group, giving you credit on your travel miles. However most other airlines travel daily to and from South Africa's major international airports. These include Air Emirates, Etihad Airlines ( Abu Dhabi ), Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France and an option of many other airlines that travel regularly into the country.


  • Follow the rules when in the country. The South African Police services enforce strict penalties to those who break the law.
  • Please note that no food or alien plants are allowed from foreign soil. Be sure to throw these away before entering.
  • You will require a Visiting Visa in order to enter the country. Visas are not issued on site. You will have to apply for one in advance before flying into the country.
  • Embrace the warmth and beauty of the country and its people in order truly enjoy your stay in the country. Be willing to explore as much as you can. You may discover something magnificent to take back home with you.
    • Take care of your passport and other travel documents when travelling in any foreign country. Should you encounter any hassles or problems contact your embassy which should be available in the Capital City of Pretoria.

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