How to Enjoy Your Stay in Victoria Falls

Named after Queen Victoria by David Livingstone, a European explorer, Victoria Falls is one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders. The local Batonga Tribe called it Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning "The Smoke That Thunders". Its roaring sound with a thunderous echo, and smoke from the background will always fascinate visitors to get a little closer for their exploration. Here are some tips to help you to enjoy your stay in Victoria Falls.


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    Take your time to appreciate Africa. Do not hurry in Africa, what you left out today will be waiting for you tomorrow. Remember that you are on holiday. If you hurry in Africa, your results will also hurry you.
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    Do not change money on the street. Some things are best left for locals to experiment, not you. Go to the nearest bureau de change (money changing office) for any currency exchange. Bureaux de change are owned by banks and genuine big registered companies that will give you fair deals.
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    Take the trip to Victoria Falls with a touring company:
    • Tour companies know the town better. They will give you the best and safest guide around this fast paced town. Try for a company that provides a "holiday plan under one roof".
    • Touring companies will provide you with a tour guide who will drive you to Victoria Falls in a safari vehicle at a cost as little as $15.00. This excludes the entrance fee that is only paid by individuals to the National Parks at the gate upon arrival at the Falls.
    • You will be tour guided through all the different falls. The tour guide will provide you with some umbrellas, since the whole area is a rainforest.
    • Your safari will generally last for an hour to two hours.
    • After the tour, you will be dropped off at your hotel's doorstep before your "sunset cruise" or "booze cruise". These often leave around 4 pm and the companies should collect you from your hotel doorstep.
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    Try the "Booze Cruise":
    • The company should pick you up at your hotel at around 4 pm in the afternoon.
    • You will arrive at the Jet-yard and transfer to your boat.
    • The cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The reason for this is that it provides one of the best ways to see game. Animals usually go to drink water at dusk, and hippos and crocs also like to busk in the sun during that quiet time.
    • Your cruise will end around 7 pm and you will be driven back to your hotel.
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    Check out the nightlife next! It is not until you explore the nightlife in this crazy town that you'll have fully experienced it. It will all depend on one's taste in music where you choose where to go. Some suggestions include:
    • The Kingdom Hotel - it runs a club called The Wild Thing. If you like heavy metal or technotronic music, then this is the place to go.
    • If you like Kwaito and rave, Explorers will be an ideal place for you.
    • The the most popular spot if you wish to mix with the locals is Crock-Rock; this place will drive you crazy. It plays all types of music.
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    Take it easy the next day. The following day, you may feel a little seedy after all this nightlife! The rafting guides will wash it off by baptising you in the Mighty Zambezi. This will be your "raft of a lifetime". There has never been any river in the world with such rafting rapids. The rapids run from rapid one to rapid twenty four! Some say that even if you have been bothered by some evil spirits, these rapids will cleanse you. It is just a flipping day throughout. If your shoes are dirty, do not worry; Zambezi's whirlpools will clean them up without you noticing.
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    Fly about on day three. Day three is a day to watch over where you had gone through by taking a helicopter ride above the Victoria Falls before flying over the rafting trails.
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    Experiment with bungy-jumping. If you are not yet done yet with adrenaline-pumping activities, try bungy-jumping off the world's second highest bungy bridge; this will make you want to go and take a rest, just to think of how crazy you have been.
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    Try a safari. You may now cool it down by going on an elephant back safari or a game drive. Your mind will cool down as you explore that peaceful and tranquil environment. Take some pictures for your memories when you go back home.
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    Fly home again. If you're flying home, don't forget to keep $20.00 for the airport fees that are taken on all international departures.
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    Take home wonderful memories. You will never forget this trip.


  • To get the best out of this adventure town, you need to first visit the Victoria Falls Information Center upon your arrival. The Information Center will help you with everything that you need. A visit here will help you to cut down your costs, make your holiday enjoyable and avoid any potential troubles. The services are rendered for free.
  • Breakfast on the terrace at the Victoria Falls Hotel will be unforgettable. Excellent food, beautiful views and watch out for the monkeys who invite themselves to join you.


  • Do not indulge in any drug activities; the law is not easy on use of drugs or illegal dealings.

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