How to Enjoy Your Christmas (for Kids)

Christmas. What comes into your mind when you think about it, apart from presents and all the other stuff you get? Fun, happiness and having a good time? Or is it family rows, disappointment and stress? Read this guide and enjoy your Christmas, as it is meant to be a time of love, happiness and sharing.


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    Get festive! Create the atmosphere and mood by giving out Christmas cards to your friends, getting a tree (find a good place for it where it's not in the way too much) and have fun decorating it!
    • Use tinsel, lights and baubles.
    • Displaying your cards is fun.
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    Look at the lights and decorations in town or the city,as they do have some good ones for you to see.
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    Don't leave your Christmas shopping to late,as you don't want to be caught up in a rush or not have enough time. When buying presents, make an effort but don't become so devoted you would spend hours trailing around one shop and wasting time. Think about the person you are getting the present for.
    • Things like toy cars, teddy bears, chocolate, dolls, clothes and various toys and games appeal for younger children, while teenagers and children any other age may like items such as CDs, DVDs, sweets and chocolate, drawing and art stuff, clothes, etc.
    • Girls and mums especially like bath stuff and make up!
    • And a boy or your dad will most likely happily receive chocolate, men's body care or men's clothes too.
    • Pick anything you like for them! Ask what they would like as well.
    • When choosing presents for your friends, pick about two or three special ones for really good ones,and cute little treats for other mates.A maximum of 5 is good.Hair accessories,make up,sweets and stationary make ideal gifts for girls.Look for bargains and bargain shops because you can pick up some really brilliant stuff from there! Go on a day you will be free.
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    When it is Christmas eve, lay out your stocking and don't go to bed too late. Feeling cranky and tired can wear you out quickly,and you certainly don't want that on Christmas day! When it's morning, go into your living room and have fun opening the stocking! Say thank you for everything, even if your parents insist they all came from Santa.... and enjoy them!
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    Do hobbies throughout the day, watch television (they normally show great films on Christmas) and let the excitement grow!
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    Enjoy the food. The classic roast dinner and Christmas pudding is fantastic,and even have crackers available! Enjoy your delicious meal,as it is likely it took ages to make and prepare.
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    Presents! Give your presents one at a time, and see how pleased your family members are with them! When you get yours,remember to say thank you for all of them, even ones you don't like them greatly (though you are most definitely going to get ones you love)! Admire them and talk about them too. You'll feel really happy!
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    As it is Christmas, you could take this opportunity to stay up late. Have fun and a very Merry Christmas!


  • Be polite,friendly and positive on Christmas.
  • Feel the Christmas mood and be happy!
  • Listen to festive Christmas songs and carols.
  • Have all your homework done before the holidays, so it won't be on your mind.
  • Just enjoy the day.
  • Wish everyone a very merry Christmas!
  • Try to avoid arguments by being really nice to everyone!
  • Take advantage of this time to enjoy doing your hobbies.
  • Why not even have a party with your brothers and sisters? Decorate the tree, play the songs, have delicious food, play games and have a good time.
  • Home-make cards for your relatives.
  • Be on your best behaviour at school,as they may be doing fun activities,such as fun lessons,and,you never know,maybe even a party or disco!
  • Look some more at your presents on boxing day. Use them when you want!
  • If you get lots of chocolate,share some out,just to be nice!
  • You don't have to see your aunties,uncles and cousins on Christmas day.How about boxing day or new years eve? A perfect solution if you can't see them on Christmas day for other reasons.
  • Later on Christmas Day, go around to friends and Neighbors houses and spread some Christmas cheer.


  • If people start arguing, ask them to stop, politely and calmly.
  • Of course, don't get too over-excited on Christmas eve as you may not be able to sleep for ages. But do look forward to it!
  • Don't sit around waiting for presents or food either. Make some snacks.
  • Do not be nasty to people on Christmas.

Things You'll Need

  • Christmas decorations
  • Presents for everyone and have them wrapped
  • Cards
  • Tree
  • Roast dinner
  • Television or films to enjoy
  • Hobbies
  • A Christmassy, positive attitude.

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