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Vegemite is an iconic Australian spread. It is made from what is left over in the vat after brewing the beer. It basically consists of dormant yeast, boiled-down vegetable stock, and lots of salt. Although many Australians enjoy it, it is definitely an acquired taste. There are some do's and don'ts for eating it! This is a guide on how to get the most out of a very nutritious, if somewhat scary-looking, substance.


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    Obtain some Vegemite. If you live in Australia you can find it at a corner store or any place that sells foodstuff. Outside of Australia it might be slightly harder to come by but it should be readily available in the U.S., at least, by now. Many Australian ex-pats have said that the Vegemite produced in Australia does have a better taste, so if you can get different batches try them to suit your tastes.
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    Use in small doses only. This is important! Vegemite has a strong taste and it can be pretty unpalatable at first. Only use a very small amount (such as half a teaspoon per slice) to start off with, and if you like it, use more. Don't spread it like jelly or peanut butter - just a scrape will do. And never ever just eat it out of the jar!
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    Spread lightly on toast. Hot buttered toast is an excellent thing to spread your vegemite on. Thick bread, toasted light-to-medium, and with heaps of hot melted butter. And Vegemite - yum!
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    Make Cheese and Vegemite Sandwiches. Another old fashioned treat that many Australian children & adults have in their lunch boxes. You can also toast them for another savory treat. You can also use the cheese and vegemite combination on crackers, baked in bread dough or scone dough or served with crumpets or savoury muffins. Egg and Vegemite is another popular choice.
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    Add it to beef stews or soups. Vegemite adds an indefinable, yet very tasty, rich flavor to soups and stews - it's best with beef, because beef is strong and meaty, and so is Vegemite. Add it the way you would add Kitchen Bouquet - a teaspoon at a time, tasting as you go. When you like the way the stew tastes, that's enough - try to remember how much you added for next time.
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    Enjoy it! If you follow this advice you should find yourself liking it. If you end up with a mouthful of burning horror, you have probably used too much.
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    Feed it to your children. The easiest and best way to start eating Vegemite is to pick up the habit when you are young.
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    Tell all your friends and family just how great it was.
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  • Vegemite is a good Vitamin B supplement. Despite looking like reconstituted tar, it is quite beneficial.
  • Probably the best way to enjoy Vegemite is to spread a small amount onto piping hot buttered toast. As a rule, it generally tastes better when combined with something blander, like butter or cheese.
  • A great joke is to tell foreign visitors that have never heard of Vegemite that it is best consumed by the tablespoon. Sit back and enjoy!


  • Despite being packed with B-vitamins, Vegemite is also packed with SALT and YEAST as the main ingredients. Do not consume it if you are intolerant to either of these, and exercise caution if you are pregnant or have a heart problem.

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