How to Enjoy the World Cup

Two Parts:Enjoying The GamesEnjoying The Trip

The World Cup is the biggest soccer fiesta on planet earth, and the most major form of entertainment all throughout summer every four years. Be it Russia (2018) or Qatar (2022), here are some tips on how you can fully enjoy all the excitement of the world's biggest sporting event.

Part 1
Enjoying The Games

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    Fly to the country where it is happening. Take a trip to the holding country if you're from abroad, or temporarily move to the major event cities if you already reside in the country. The sheer fervour and excitement of being in the host country of the World Cup should match up to whatever the expenses should be.
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    Attend the opening ceremony. It's the most fun way to start the world cup. The festival displays, the explosive crowd, the cheering and beautiful colours in the stadium is surely something you surely wouldn't want to miss.
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    Get tickets for the opening game and all the big games. Get tickets for the games your favourite national teams will partake in, games that will showcase the biggest stars. If you can, buy a ticket for every game! And participate loudly in the cheering when the goals pop in.
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    Get a big screen TV if you can't go to the stadiums. Make sure it's full colour, HD, and make sure there are drinks in the cooler, friends or room mates to gather around, and plenty of noise and cheers as you watch the matches.

Part 2
Enjoying The Trip

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    Go sightseeing. The host county of every World Cup finals is always carefully selected, and as such, there should be an abundance of sightseeing options in any of those exquisite countries it happens to be. Places like Qatar and Russia have wonderful places you could go visit in search of adventure. Visit monuments, take a stroll in parks, try out the beaches; try out different cuisine, hotels, etc., to get a feel of the city.
    • Be careful to respect local customs and be wary of any potential dangers.
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    Write a journal on your daily experience during the World Cup. As you go sightseeing and trying out new things, remember to observe carefully and note down important information, like snippets about the culture of the people, the fervour and excitement of the global event, etc. You never know, you may be on the verge of churning out a bestseller!
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    Meet the football players if possible, and get autographs. You could proudly show off your prizes when you get home and have a load of cool stories to tell about your meeting with your soccer heroes.
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    Buy a souvenir to mark the trip. It could be anything, from the mundial replica mascot, to a t-shirt, jersey, team cap, book, etc. Anything that puts a smile on your face and reminds you of the wonderful experience of being at the World Cup. Take plenty of photos, they are the easiest thing to carry and keep.


  • Carry along a cellphone, laptop, iPad, etc, to record and capture beautiful moments.
  • Take lots of selfies! Click away with your smartphone Inside the stadium, with friends, football stars, at the airports, at every game, at the opening and closing ceremonies. Have a ton load of pictures of your most fun and wonderful moments to remind you of the world cup event.
  • Buy a replica jersey and team props to support your team during matches.
  • Research World Cup host countries in order to be well-prepared in terms of packing gear.
  • Tweet your experiences constantly.


  • Remember the World Cup is only a game fiesta. Don't be sore loser if your team, say, crashes out at the group stages or lose the final to another team.
  • Do not engage in fan violence, instigate tumult, or carry out acts of terrorism. The World Cup is a global stage for world peace so shun the violence.
  • Avoid portraying racist materials or joining up with socially abusive groups to chant offensive words.

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