How to Enjoy Studying Science

Many kids find science a terrible class, wincing at the mention of it. Their imagination brings about memories of learning all about it in a four-cornered wall with various books and lectures that are hard to comprehend, tedious and boring. But that shouldn't be the case. There are numerous ways to approach science in an enjoyable way that will give your kids pleasure while studying it at school.


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    Draw a picture. Encourage your kids to make diagrams or drawing of whatever science topic they are studying, whether it is a molecule, an organ, a chemical reaction, a cycle or the ecosystem itself. Tell them not to forget to color and put some details on the drawing, and of course, to add labels too. While they're having fun doing it, they're also learning on the process. Then tell them to keep their drawing out of their sight and do it again, this time from memory, including the labels. Ask them to try drawing the picture again and again from memory until they can perfect it. This works pretty well for children who are visual learners.
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    Stimulate their imagination. Ask them to imagine how or where can the science concept they are studying be used. Chemistry might seem tiresome and dull, for instance, until they think about the smell of their favorite cologne, the scent of their soap, the refreshing taste of their beverage, and so on. Physics may be uninteresting and uninspiring, until they rack their brains about the possibility of flying, traveling through time and exploring outer space.
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    Persuade them to read up biographies of famous scientists. Let your kids learn about what these scientists' lives were like and what accomplishments they had made that brought good things to the present time. Encourage them to figure out what motivated these great people to invent such device, instrument or craft. And allow your kids to be inspired by how the inventions have changed the world and their lives, even in little ways.
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    Take time to read science fiction. When on break time, tell your kids to give themselves a break as well. Suggest them ways how to spend their vacant hours, better yet by encouraging them to spend it by reading a good science fiction book while munching on their food. The imaginative explanation of science can inspire them a new interest in real science. Sooner or later, they'll take pleasure in studying science just like a favorite hobby of them.
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    Perform experiments. There are about a hundred of easy do-it-your-own experiments that are safe and fun. Let them be curious by making theories constantly and asking themselves “why?” “Why does rain happen?” “Why do people get motion sickness?” “Why do balloons float?” Then encourage them to look for explanations that will give answers to their puzzled mind. They may try doing science experiments on their own, with a classmate or even when they're at home.
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    Play science games. Encourage them to enjoy science along with their classmates through playing science games and learn a scientific concept altogether. Tell them to overcome their shyness and open up to their teachers what games are fun and educating at the same time. After all, they're not the only ones who will benefit from this strategy but the whole class as well. There is a staggering selection of science kits in stores and online that you can recommend to your kids and to their teachers, too.
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    Use mnemonic devices. Make memorizing facts enjoyable with little memory tricks, a rhyme or an acronym perhaps, that will help your kids remember confusing concepts, difficult terms, and hard-to-remember facts, which they can apply during science lectures. For example, HOMES for the 5 great lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior). Tell them to be as creative and as funny as they want or do whichever way they like as long as the facts can be easily remembered. This one might be of big help for them to remember the planets of the solar system: My Very Energetic Mother Jumps Straight Up North (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

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