How to Enjoy Reading Books

Books have been scientifically proven to improve vocabulary, grades, imagination, and even just your happiness. Unfortunately, not everybody enjoys it, which can be quite devastating to your future - you can't escape reading! But making reading a hobby that you enjoy will make anything better. You can go anywhere with a book in hand, so keep reading if you want to enjoy reading.


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    Pick the right book. What is your favourite genre? Reading what you like is often the key to liking reading. If you don't like chocolate cake, it doesn't mean you don't like all types of cake. It's the same with reading.
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    Ask your friends and family about their favourite books. You can start learning about different varieties of books, and this can give you some ideas on where to look. Also, ask what these other people like about reading, and why that is.
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    Read the book about your favourite movie. A lot of times, a movie is based on a book and because the screen version can only be so long, by reading the book, you get more details!
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    Find a comfier place to read. If you're always itchy or achy while reading, you probably won't enjoy your book! Choose a clean, quiet area that will be easy to focus in.
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    Relax. Take a couple of deep breaths before reading and have something hot to drink near you. Relaxing is a great way to enjoy lots of things.
    • If you're having a hard time finding a quiet place, try a backyard or park. The outdoors are always great.
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    Understand what you are reading. Find a reading level for you. If you don't know the words or expressions, you will find the book very dull and frustrating.
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    Connect with the story. Ask yourself what each character enjoys doing the most. Try connecting it to you by comparing your hobbies, talents, likes, and dislikes. Also, think if you would change the character at all.
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    Make all reading enjoyable. If you only read because you have to, change that. Don't pick a super boring book about the subject. Go to the library and try historical fiction based on the subject! It can be easier to digest and enjoy, but still be educational! When you're looking for books on a certain subject, ask the librarian for help.
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    Plan time for reading. Keep everything balanced so you have time to read a little bit at least. You can never enjoy reading if you never do it.
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    Set goals. Try reading one page every day for a week, and challenge yourself to read two pages the next! Work your way up until you're at a comfortable amount of time for you.


  • Set a timer for when you want to stop.
  • Ask if you ever had the same feelings as the character. The more you have in common with books and characters, the more you will enjoy reading!


  • Don't lose track of time!

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