How to Enjoy Playhouse Disney with Your Child

Television can be enjoyable and educational for toddlers and preschoolers. Disney Junior can be either a section of the Disney Channel or a channel itself that targets kids of ages two to six. However, adults can enjoy it with children as well.


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    Get a child to dance or sing-along to music. Almost all of the Disney Junior shows have songs or their characters singing. "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" always ends episodes with the "Hot-Dog Song" where the characters dance on their platforms. "Little Einsteins" has sing-along ditties set to the tune of classical music.
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    Know that a lot of shows are interactive with viewers, such as "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Little Einsteins". Characters look at the screen and ask questions pertaining to a situation or if they can do something with the character, for example, count things or sing along with them. At these times, ask and encourage the child to interact back. Try to teach them along with the characters.
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    Figure out what shows are appropriate for your child. While "Guess How Much I Love You", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", and "Goldie and Bear" can be amusing to a toddler who is 18 to 36 months old, "Little Einsteins", "Doc McStuffins", and "Sofia the First" may be more enjoyable to a three to five year old.
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    Be sure that your child has an interest in the television show. Don't watch a show because you think it'll be good and enjoyable for them. If something else distracts them, try to find something that they'll have fun with.
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    Note that there are short "segments" between shows. These segments include short and peppy music videos or educational messages. "Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol" teaches kids a wide variety of information, ranging from strangers to accidents.


  • Because Disney Junior is during the morning (as a segment) or all day long (as a channel), enjoy breakfast or lunch with your child while watching the shows. You might wanna share dinner with your child when you're watching the Disney Junior channel! When it's time for bed, but the child may not fall asleep, watching Disney Junior (the channel) will help.
  • If your child interacts with the television show, he or she will love the show more. If you encourage interaction or copy the dancing, it'll be enjoyable for you as well. It will also make the child feel more relaxed and happy if you show a positive attitude.
  • If you're getting an infant into Mickey Mouse (and friends) or Winnie the Pooh, both shows are excellent ways to get your child's attention. Your child may not actually know who the character is, but they will remember shapes/forms, voices, and colors.
  • If you search the internet, such as YouTube, you may find videos pertaining to Disney Junior.
  • See if you can download an album of music from the show onto your phone. This is a great way to entertain children during long car journeys with their favourite TV characters if you do not have a TV in your car.
  • If your child remains interested in the Disney Junior channel even after the average age of viewers, do not force them to stop watching it. Older children (and even teenagers) can still enjoy watching childrens TV shows.


  • Even as a parent, you may get the lyrics stuck in your head.

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