How to Enjoy Metal

Metal has been a long popular genre of music for people of all ages, colours, and sexes. Time and time again, it has proven to be one of the greatest forces in the entertainment industry, and has never faltered since it's origins almost 40 years ago.


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    Before you start banging your head in the air, it's important to develop a taste for Metal. Look for other parts of the song than just the vocals. The complexity and technicality of Heavy Metal songs are like no other. To play in a Metal band, be it any genre, you must be proficient in your chosen instrument...Be it guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc.
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    Listen to some of the more mainstream, lighter Metal genres. Early Metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple are always a good place to start.
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    Move up a little to the heavier stuff. Bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Megadeth are great for getting used to the faster, heavier Metal genres.
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    Start to explore the genres once you've developed a taste. I find it's easier to start out with broad ones, then narrow it down. Some of the larger bases are Thrash Metal, Power Metal, and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).
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    Keep listening to old bands, and keep an eye out for new ones.
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    Many metal bands may have anti-social or anti-theist themes. However, Heavy Metal is also widespread and multi-branched. There are Christian Metal bands, and some of them are good to! If you are religious in a Christian sense, bands like Becoming the Archetype, Crimson Moonlight, and Crimson Thorn will show you that Christian Metal can be just as brutal as secular or anti-religious forms of Metal.


  • Metal is not something you get into to be popular. So if you're doing this to impress someone or to seem cool, then don't bother. Popularity is something for those that are more worried about what other people think than what they think of themselves. Do YOU wear tight, purple pants with suspenders? Have you ever looked into a mirror with a friend, and found yourself unable to tell who was who? If not, then perhaps Metal is the right path for you.


  • Some parents forbid their children to listen to metal. If this is one of your parents, listen to it very quietly or get headphones and a CD player.

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