How to Enjoy Fashion

Four Methods:Take an Inventory of What You HavePace YourselfLove Your BodyFind a Signature Look

The world of fashion can seem overwhelming and dull, but it doesn’t need to be. To enjoy your style, start by weeding undesirable elements out of your current wardrobe. Slowly build a strong stock of basics before gradually introducing fun, flattering pieces that make you look your best. If you really want to get creative, consider adopting a trademark that further personalizes your style.

Method 1
Take an Inventory of What You Have

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    Take inventory of all the clothing you currently have. Separate the clothes you like from the clothes you do not like.
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    Examine the clothing you like. Look for similarities and ask yourself why you like each piece. You may like the way it flatters your shape, or maybe you like it because of the material or pattern. Mark these reasons down on a list so you know what to look for later on.
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    Examine the clothing you do not like. Ask yourself if there are any pieces that have unfulfilled potential, like a tailor-fit blazer in a bland color or dress trousers that need to be hemmed up. Return these pieces to your closet or dresser.
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    Examine the remaining clothing. Theoretically, you should be left with clothes that do not flatter you and clothes that follow tired trends. Make a second list of all the attributes you do not like so you know what not to look for when you go shopping.
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    Donate clothing you do not want if it is in good shape. You can give it away to a relative or close friend, or you can take it to a secondhand shop or charity.
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    Throw away clothes that have seen better days. If your garments have stains or rips, toss them out.
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    Take inventory of your jewelry. Keep pieces that you like and, depending on the quality, either donate or dispose of pieces you hate.

Method 2
Pace Yourself

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    Buy a little at a time. Instead of redoing your entire wardrobe in one weekend, slowly introduce one or two new pieces with each shopping trip. Doing so will be easier on both your budget and your patience.
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    Build a sturdy fashion foundation. Stock up on denim jeans, button-down shirts, fitted t-shirts, dress trousers, basic skirts, and any other wardrobe essential you can think of. Look for neutral colors like white, black, gray, brown, and beige. While these pieces look bland on their own, you can easily build on them to create fun, fashionable outfits.
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    Limit your trends. Fads change every season, and if you stock up on too many, you may find yourself needing to clear out your wardrobe again by next year.
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    Add some inexpensive flair with accessories. Updating your accessory wardrobe often proves easier and less costly than updating your clothes. Accessories can also be a lot of fun to pick out and match together. Look for jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, purses, and shoes. Never buy more than you could ever use, but do not shy away from variety, either.

Method 3
Love Your Body

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    Wear clothes that fit right. Avoid baggy clothes, since these tend to look frumpy and may make you look unnecessarily heavy. Also avoid clingy clothes, since these tend to hug your body in the wrong places and may accentuate extra weight.
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    Know your body shape. Once you know your body shape, you can focus on finding pieces that flatter your figure best. The five general body shapes are hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, apple, and rectangle.
    • Hourglass figures have a narrow waist and equally large hips and bust.
    • Pear figures have a flat chest and stomach but large hips and thighs.
    • Inverted triangle shapes have a large bust and shoulders with a flat midsection and narrow hips.
    • Apple shapes have a large midsection and may have a moderate to large bust, but they generally have smaller hips and thighs.
    • Rectangle figures have relatively equal, flat proportions all throughout their body.
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    Mask your problem areas. If you have a large midsection, hide it beneath a free-flowing tunic shirt. If you have wide hips, balance them out with an A-line skirt that flares out at the knee. Look for pieces that draw the eye away from your wider portions.
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    Take advantage of flatness. You may think that a small bust or narrow hips make you look childish and not womanly, but these attributes allow you a little more freedom than women who are better endowed in these areas. Dress up flat portions of your body with ruffles and embellishments. Play with deep necklines or high hemlines, depending on where your flatness lies.
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    Highlight your positive features. Show off slender legs with a short skirt or a narrow waist with a thick fashion belt. By drawing the eye to portions of your body that please you, you can keep the eye off any problem areas.
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    Work with your height. Women of petite or average height may want to make themselves taller by wearing high heels and vertical details, but tall women who are self-conscious about their height should avoid styles that create the illusion of extra height. Generally, any detail that draws the eye up and down, rather than side to side, will add height.
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    Wear hues that suit your coloring. Your skin tone has the biggest impact on your coloring. Women with pink or blue undertones usually have "cool" coloring, while women with yellow undertones usually have "warm" coloring.
    • If you have cool coloring, look for silver, white, black, grays, blues, deep violets, blue-greens, and pinks.
    • If you have warm coloring, look for gold, cream, tan, browns, reds, magenta purples, yellow-greens, and oranges.
    • Note that eye color and hair color also have some impact on your coloring. You may have a warm skin tone, but if you have black hair and ice blue eyes, you may have cool coloring overall. Play with color when you go out shopping to determine which hues liven up your appearance best.
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    Keep things lively but not busy. A few patterns and embellishments can turn an outfit from “blah” to “fantastic,” but too much will look mismatched. Stick with one pattern or heavily embellished piece at a time, and pair it with basic neutrals.
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    Understand the effect of patterns and embellishments. These elements draw the eye to them, highlighting the part of your body they cover. As such, if you feel self-conscious about a portion of your body, such as your hips, you should keep patterns and detailing off this portion.

Method 4
Find a Signature Look

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    Think about theme. For instance, you may find vintage styles appealing. In that case, look for vintage accessories like brooches and hats, and dig through thrift stores and online auction websites for trendy vintage-inspired pieces. Incorporate a few pieces of your chosen theme into your modern wardrobe to put a personalized twist on your style.
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    Find a pattern you love. Perhaps you’ve always nursed a secret fondness for polka dots. As long as the pattern flatters your figure, look for dresses, tops, and skirts in various polka dot prints. Throw in a few accessories with the print as well, like a purse or belt. Do not over-saturate your wardrobe with your chosen pattern, but use it more than you use any other print. Just make sure you have a strong stock of solid colored pieces to make a bold print with.
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    Pick a favorite color. If you have beautiful green eyes, for example, gravitate towards greens that really bring out the color of your eyes, or reds that act as a complement to your shade of green. Look for tops, bottoms, and accessories in this color. Again, you should avoid over-saturating your entire wardrobe with one color, but do not be afraid of favoring one color a little more than any other.
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    Gravitate toward a flattering garment. If empire-waisted sundresses create a flattering silhouette and you love the way they look and feel, stock up on them. You may not be able to wear your chosen garment for every occasion, but you can likely take full advantage of it in your casual weekend clothes.
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    Walk proudly with the right footwear. Some women love heels, while others prefer flats, boots, or sandals. Maybe you feel especially confident in brightly colored, two-inch stiletto heels. Whatever your favorite footwear is, wear it as often as you can get away with. Some styles may not work depending on the season—for instance, boots do not usually work for summer, and sandals do not usually work for winter—and others may not be appropriate for work or formal occasions. For casual dress, however, feel free to have a little fun with your footwear.
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    Consider your accessory style. Accessories can be an easy way to incorporate a trademark. You can choose a general accessory trademark, such as dangling hoop earrings, faux pearls, or a certain colored gemstone. Alternatively, you can opt for something more specific, like a special flower that holds personal significance to you. If you love roses, for example, look for rose stud earrings, rose pendants, and rose print scarves.


  • A raggedy, worn out wardrobe can make you look drab and be a major hindrance in your efforts to enjoy fashion. You do not need to start with a completely clean slate, but you should clear out any clothing that does not flatter your body or any pieces that are stale and worn out.
  • Doing too much at once is a quick way to suck all the fun and joy out of building a wardrobe. Construct your fashion style at a comfortable pace. Start with basics and gradually move into more style-specific pieces.
  • You won’t be able to enjoy fashion if you are unable to love your body. Honestly assess your negative and positive features and dress them accordingly. Knowing how to make yourself look good is a sure way to start enjoying fashion.
  • Always try on clothing before you purchase it to make sure you have the right size. Different manufacturers design their clothes differently, so you may find yourself fitting into a size 4 blouse even though you normally take a size 6.
  • Try a variety of different styles. You may not think that a certain garment will flatter you, but you could be wrong.
  • Hunt for bargains. Shop at the end of a season or during sales to ensure the best quality and quantity at the lowest cost.

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