How to Enjoy Community Service Trips

Millions of people give back to their community through volunteering. Sometimes volunteering is encouraged through the workplace, school requirements, criminal sentences or by friends and family. It is important to realize the hidden benefits of community service in order to fully enjoy the activity. Encourage friends to join you on your mission and get as involved as possible with doing your duties. Studies have found that volunteering can have both social and mental benefits for the volunteer, along with the benefit to the community. This article will tell you how to enjoy community service trips.


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    Choose your community service trip, if possible. Many people who are encouraged to volunteer do so for school or during unemployment. Choose something that coincides with your personal goals, such as medicine, art, education, nutrition, childcare and more.
    • If you are involved with a church or a school, you may have the option of more than 1 trip. Choose according to your passions. For example, someone who hopes to be a nurse may want to join a trip to help villages have fresh drinking water.
    • If you want to travel, there are many community service trips available in foreign countries. You may need to raise money in order to go, but the benefits of seeing a new country and broadening your horizons can help your mental state and your resume.
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    Encourage your friends to take part with you. If you and your friends think of it as an adventure amongst friends, your friendship could be strengthened through the adventure.
    • Many community service trips can take place in your own home. You can invite friends to your house to make care packages for military troops or needy children overseas.
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    Embrace your trip as a way to make new friends, if your friends cannot come with you. Making new friends will boost your mood and help to broaden your group of friends.
    • Even if you are not socially adept, community service trips are a great way to increase your social skills. If you are inhibited, you may feel nervous about meeting people on your trip or your destination, but you should consider it an adventure with amazing social advantages.
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    Go on a community service trip with the intention of helping your mental health. If you are facing depression or lack a support group, then a community service trip is a great fix. The following are ways to help your mental and physical health through volunteering:
    • Doing something without any monetary compensation has been shown to increase your self-confidence. You will feel a boost in self-esteem by doing something for others. This may increase your overall satisfaction in your personal life.
    • Community service trips can combat depression. They give you a built-in social network and a reason to get involved in the world. It is important to have a purpose, if you want to reduce depression.
    • Community service trips usually give you a chance to be physically active. You can choose according to your physical strength. Some organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, build houses. Construction is trying physical work that can help fight weight gain and other risks to your health.
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    Choose a capacity in your community service trip that helps you to learn new skills. For both the young and the old, learning can often stagnate. A trip can help you to add to your resume or learn a craft.
    • Some colleges have programs called Community Service Learning (CSL). During interim breaks, many colleges plan trips that help students to gain experience and help people. Students, community volunteers and faculty members can all be invited to join in these experiences. Some students can even gain credits for their experience.
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    Plan a community service trip. If your talents lie in business or organization, you may find it more rewarding to start the trip, recruit and use your resources to help an organization in your hometown or across the world.
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    Start a journal that records your efforts. This may be a helpful way to show how you have grown through your experience.


  • If you can't find a community service trip that fits your interests, other ways to volunteer include working on a political campaign, working regularly for a volunteer shelter, giving food or help to people during the holidays, or giving help to people who have a health concern that affects someone in your family. Also, you can volunteer in your local library or your local shelter.

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