How to Enjoy Christmas Day Spent All by Yourself

Two Parts:Preparing for ChristmasOn Christmas Day

Christmas time is often associated with family and getting together with loved ones. However, if you don't have any family or loved ones to spend Christmas with and your friends will be with their own family, it can be a challenging time for you. If you resolve to make the most of the day though, you can still celebrate Christmas in a joyful and cheerful way.

Part 1
Preparing for Christmas

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    Decorate for Christmas. While it may seem unusual to decorate when you're by yourself, it is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and lift your own spirits. Choose your favorite decorations, or go out an purchase some new ones if you don't have any. If you enjoy making things, you can also make your own Christmas decorations for a special touch. Put up your tree, hang decorations around the house and string up a garland or two. Put some lights out the front; that way, they can be shared with everyone who goes past.
    • If you are in a hotel or somewhere that isn't yours you can still decorate with a few bits and pieces; choose items you can either carry home with you or things you don't mind parting with once the day has ended.
    • Making your Christmas decorations yourself is a fun way to get into the Christmas mood, and also lets you focus on doing something that is unique to your tastes and interests.
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    Play Christmas music. Prepare a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs, or purchase pre-recorded Christmas CDs. Keep the music playing on Christmas day to help you feel in the spirit. As an added bonus, you can sing as loudly as you want along with the carols and not feel embarrassed!
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    Send Christmas cards or Christmas emails out to as many people as you can. Send cards or email greetings to any family members, mothers father, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews. Send them to your friends, send them to people you work with, send them to people who provide you services. Send as many as you can; doing this will help you feel like you are sharing Christmas with others. Send the cards or greetings early and you will find that people send them back. Even though you are on your own, you will know others are thinking of you at Christmas.
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    Buy yourself some gifts. It's normal to buy things for yourself all through the year, so it's just fine to treat yourself at Christmas too. The great thing about buying gifts for yourself is that you get exactly what you want in the color, shape and size you want. Wrap the gifts up using great Christmas paper and put them under the tree to open on Christmas morning. Even though you know what they are, it's still fun to have new special things on Christmas.
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    Plan a great Christmas meal. Since you are celebrating Christmas on your own, you can serve all your very own favorite foods. This might be as quirky as turkey and ice cream, as functional as pizza, or as traditional as what your Mother used to make when you were little. Anything that takes your fancy. Get your favorite foods, your favorite drinks, your favorite dessert and all the trimmings. Set the table up beautifully with a special tablecloth and candles to make it feel like an extra special meal.

Part 2
On Christmas Day

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    Go to church if you normally do this. This will allow you to spend Christmas with others. Also it will mean that you will think more about the real meaning of Christmas and discover it is just as special whether you have hundreds of people to celebrate with or no one at all. If you are lonely, go to church services at three different churches on the day and see which is your best.
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    Get your favorite DVD of all time to watch, or one you have been dying to see. Watch this as part of your Christmas Day celebrations.
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    Find an outing that you can go to that is open on Christmas day. Movies are often open and can be a way of being around others while enjoying a film.
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    Volunteer at a church or hospital or even a jail to help make other people's Christmas special. This will allow you to be around others and to be helping. It's nigh on impossible to feel lonely when you're helping others and it can help put your own situation into perspective.
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    Plan a peaceful rendezvous with nature. Go for a walk or hike and be mindful of what you see and experience. How does the air feel? What birds do you notice? What sounds do you hear? Nature has a magical way of putting things into perspective.

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