How to Enjoy Camping

Maybe you're camping for the first time and not sure what it's like. Or maybe, you just aren't interested in that family vacation. If you're looking for an article that will show you how to enjoy an organized camp, look no further.


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    Find out what kind of camping experience you would prefer. Are you an adventurous camper, who will do anything to get to the top of that mountain? Are you a safe camper, who decides that going up that mountain isn't the best idea? Maybe you are the basic camper, who would climb that mountain for fun if there is a safe route up and if not, just go around. Or you could be the survivalist camper, who brings absolutely nothing with them to camp and attempts to climb that mountain-alone, and without a rope and climbing gear. You decide.
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    Once you found out what kind of camping you want to try, go for the appropriate camp. Make sure you do a good amount of research on it and make sure it's your kind of camp. Check out comments on the camp and see what they think. Maybe Totally Awesome Camp isn't that awesome.
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    Be prepared. If you are adventurous, bring most of the basics, but nothing special. If you are safe, bring everything you'd ever need for camp. If you're basic, go for all of the basic stuff. And if you are survival, bring nothing.
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    When you arrive to camp, start right away. Hiking, boating, climbing, just do whatever it takes to get started. You don't want to be bored to bits on your first day of camp. If you can't find anything to do, why did you even bother considering the camp?
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    Think positively. If it rains, look at the bright side. Now you can practice making shelters. If it's too hot, remember that there's probably a tree somewhere. You can use the leaves to fan yourself. There's no impossible (except if you are a survivalist), just fun. If something's too tiring for you, remember that you are getting a good deal of exercise.
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    You might want to take some pictures to keep as a keepsake at home. It would be a nice idea to bring a camera to take pictures on the beautiful scene. This is nit necessary, but it would be a great help and something cool to show your friends. Good luck camping!


  • Survivalist campers should ALWAYS make sure they had experience with camping before. Make sure you had experience with adventurous camping too!

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